Jan 17, 2011

itching to get decorating!

The current state of our spare bedroom/craft room/home office...
ughk, right!
it's basically just a junk/store room right now.

And this non-inspiring space has been the reason that not much crafting has been happening around here lately. I can't stand it anymore- so much so that the door to the second room stays shut pretty much all the time I am home.

I can't wait to get in there and 'prettify' it by...
  1. Getting rid of that ridiculous spare room sink!??!
  2. Refreshing the walls with a new coat of paint
  3. Buying a new bedspread and cushions for the single bed (I want to turn it into a more day bed/lounge and put on a larger quilt cover so it hides the ugly plastic covered mattress underneath)
  4. Purchase a new rug (especially for winter because I can imagine those tiles are going to be cold then!!)
  5. Purchase a new desk
  6. Add floating shelves above the desk for added storage
  7. Finishing painting 2 x roadside furniture finds (a wardrobe 'craft supplies' cupboard and the rest of that white chest of drawers shown)
  8. Hang fun artwork
  9. an inspiration board and;
  10. decorate with lots of fun accents!
Here's my little inspiration mood board ... (click to see it larger)
It's quite colourful and I probably won't stick to it completely ... but I think with the simple waem grey walls, whites and timbers I can easy change the look and feel of it with smaller accents and decorations and allow the room to evolve over time.

And speaking of desks, for our wedding I couldn't find any big old rustic tables I liked for our lolly station so dad made a desk top out of three old wooden planks which he glued together (I know I am super lucky!!) and placed on some trestles - it looked really good! I was going to get dad to make me some more white ones as a desk for the craft room (I wanted a really long desk and couldn't find one in our price range that I liked anywhere). Then I came across the Vika Artur Ikea Trestle - I love that it has shelves underneath too - and is adjustable for drafting (this would of been perfect for college!) or cutting out fabric.

And since then I have seen it being used in some pretty fun spaces ...
(another fun trestle table - i LOVE them!)

Sadly though it seems I am going to have to wait till March to get my desk as we were informed on Saturday that they are sold out of the vika trestles and wont get more stock in for a couple of months - rats!


  1. Your craft room is going to look great! I love that you have a vision... can't wait to see the "after" photos!

  2. yea - you're married now! Congrats and have FUN - I know my hubs and I do. We just celebrated our 15th and those years seemed to fly by.

  3. I can't wait to see your room when it is finished, but half the fun is getting there right!

    Ikea have some really great new pieces at the moment too, just a shame you can't get a hold of it sooner.

  4. cute cute! I definitely think you should do the grey walls and throw in some black chalkboards and paint that cupboard yellow and throw in some cute tangerine and yellow pillows on the day. Oh, I know you'll make it just perfect and darling!
    The desk is awesome. Wishing I had one too!