Jan 9, 2011

a note from MRS A ...

So a lot has happened since my last post...
some 7 months ago (!)...
a new job (with a rather crazy commute)...
a new home..
a trip overseas...
a first christmas ...
parties and new year celebrations ...
but best of all ...

we finally got married!
It was a beautiful (and fun!) day ...

he cried (as soon as the first bridesmaid started to walk down the aisle)...
I laughed at rings that wouldn't go on! (while the groomsmen took photos on their iphones)...
he promised to ' trust you when you think you are right and respect you when you actually are!' (and made everyone laugh) ...
we stood under a pretty tree and promised forever ...
and got really excited about being newlyweds ....
we played lawn games ...
while wearing fun socks ...
and raced around the vines in golf buggies ...
 we frolicked in fields (it involved me being passed through a barbed wire fence in my wedding gown to get in people! but so worth it for the shots!)
we kissed a little alot ...
the girls looked beautiful ...
the guys looked 'smokin' (it's a groomsmen joke...)
we had the most fun in an amazing photobooth ...
(and got the funniest responses from our guests!)
and ran through sparklers (quite possibly more than once...)
and rode away in baby brother's cute little vintage car
(complete with tin cans) ...

then the Mr and I ran away to Thailand ...
we rode elephants and fed monkeys and rode in long tailed boats and lazed around and ate - oh how we ate! That breakfast buffet was +10 kg GOOD ;) !

And now I am back..  back to blogging people!!
I have things to make, things to share, a new (teeny tiny little) house to decorate and a sweet little life to lead as a MRS! So stick around as I share our 2011 moments
oh it's good to be back :)

ps. all these photos are a mixture of our wonderful photographer Christine and her amazing second shooter Kellee, who helped out last moment  - thank you Kellee!
you can check christine's take on the day here and here and Kellee's over here.


  1. And oh so great to have you back!!

    Congratulations on your wedding dear girl! You looked absolutely stunning.

    Looking forward to more catch-ups so welcome back stranger.

    Happy New Year

  2. LOVE this post! Welcome back! Love the new look of your blog and can't wait to follow along with your sweet little life! Whew, that's a lot of exclamation points...can you tell I'm excited???

  3. KT - I know you have had so many lovely things going on in your life lately - but I have been hoping you would be back here soon! :) Very excited to see these most amazing pictures and read your sweet words. :)

  4. KT....I am speechless!! Your wedding, YOU, everything--so, so, so beyond gorgeous!!! I'm sure you are the cutest little newlywed bride EVER, and I'm so glad you're back to blogging! Love the new look of your blog, and eagerly looking forward to peeking in on more of your adventures. :-)

  5. How funny you posted because I was just thinking of you last night. I was speaking to my aunty that lives on the Central Coast and it made me think of you. Your wedding looks magnificent as I knew it would. Congratulations! You both look so happy. Glad to have you back in the world of blogging!

  6. love seeing these again with your sweet narrative...

    so so much...
    and love that you and Mr. Morgie are most offically hitched.

    that one of him tearing up. is more than I can handle friend. So sweet.

  7. Wow! How wonderful! Congratulations and welcome back...

  8. oh wow. i am soaking up every picture so that it would feel like i was really there. your pictures show all the love and happiness that was surrounding you and morgan on your day.

    i also loved seeing the details that you put into your day...your hard work shows (the photobooth was genius).

    enjoy all your newlywed moments!

  9. Katie!! So excited that you're back! Been missing your posts so so much.
    Your wedding looks absolutely incredible! The most beautiful wedding I've ever seen! (I've gathered so much inspiration too.. hehe!)
    I hope life as newlyweds for you and Morgan is so blessed! And I can't wait to hear more about your new job, and other going ons at your little home :)
    Sarah xo

  10. holy smokes...your wedding photos are SO AMAZING! every last detail was sooooooo perfect KT. I could look at these all day forever and ever because they make my heart so happy.

    you and morgan are the most gorgeous couple. inside and out. congrats again. so many happy 1sts!

    glad you're back in the business of blogging. we've missed you so.

  11. So glad to see you are back to blogging, and wow does your wedding look amazing. Congrats on everything!

  12. KT- Oh, how I've missed you! This blog post, your wedding... SO amazing and beautiful!!!!!! Every detail was obviously planned with such care and love, and you have such an amazing creative perspective. Seriously, girl, SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so happy for you and CM. Can't wait to see and hear more about your day and your new job. Love you!

  13. M +rs A!!!!!!!!( insert squeal and imagine a big hug around the neck and a small happy dance here)
    you're back!
    And I don't how to tell you how perfectly gorgeous, in every single possible way I think your wedding day was...and how one hundred percent darling a couple you + CM make.

    Seriously giddy for you friend...xo

  14. Yay! Welcome back! What a lovely, lovely wedding... you look amazing! Enjoy being a newlywed!

  15. So so happy to have you back in bloggy land dearest! Your wedding has to be the most beautiful ever and I've pored over those pictures so many times. I can't wait to see what fun this year brings you and CM. Love your new look and again, so happy that you're "back."

  16. Looked like a magnificent wedding :) Gorgeous photographs. I've just got engaged and it the process of planning my wedding, hope it looks as magical as yours! :)