Jan 16, 2011

summer toes

this is where you'll find me on Sunday afternoons ...
barefoot and daggy (and not pregnant!) in the garage stripping layers of paint of an antique cupboard I saved from the side of the road a few months before our wedding - in absolute pouring rain too :)
It feels so good to get stuck into it now and get rid of a thick layer of mission brown paint...
then fluro green ...
then a yellow stained white.

Once this cupboard is restored it will go in our spare room/studio craft room to store (hopefully) all my fabrics and craft supplies.
I have plans to paint it a fun colour, but am having a hard time deciding what colour exactly...
any suggestions?
I have no real inspiration or starting point for that room yet - I think I may need to spread my resene paint colours over the floor in that room and see if anything grabs me.

in the meantime here some inspiration images of cute painted furniture:
Can't wait to hear your ideas :)


  1. Firstly, so glad to see you writing on your blog again. I kept watching out for you and have only just seen you're back online.

    Secondly, your wedding looks so beautiful and lovely...congratulations.

    Thirdly with regards to this post, go with a yellow in my opinion. It's refreshing and under used by people.

  2. you could do your blog colors or your favourite color.. I hope you'll show us the finished product (-:

  3. Hmmm...I'm loving all the bright yellow in your inspiration pictures! Please show us a before photo and work in progress! I love transformation stories!

  4. I think yellow! Yellow always makes a room more bright and happy. I am having an obsession with teal at the moment. We bought some cushions with teal on them and I think they will be the basis for our house when we buy one. I can't wait to be able to decorate!

  5. ohhhh...pops of bright yellow with all those different shades of gray are so delicious...but definitely try spreading out those paint chips and like you said, the color may just grab you. I love it when that happens. xo

  6. Love the yellow but I do particularly love that combination of teal and pink in the pretty nursery.

    Look forward to finding out what you choose.

  7. I love every single photo on this! Especially the yellow/gray combo. I'm also very glad you're back to blogging. :) And I very much loved the vimeo of your little flat. It's so darling! And so are you!!! Holy cuteness is right... I so wish I had an accent. ;)