Jan 14, 2011

lovin ...

it's true ... i'm lovin, 'blog lovin!' and I think you might too.
I saw this post on A Beautiful Mess's blog today and thought it looked really cool and user friendly. 
So I signed up and am loving just how easy following and organizing my blog feed now is.
I like how you can sort the blogs into categories (see mine above), how simple and clean the layout is, how you can 'heart' posts for finding later on and even search new fun blogs or have blogs similar to those you follow recommended to you.
so much better than dashboard or even google reader - it's definitely worth try :)

I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow- I'm off for my mother-daughter date to Ikea and out for lunch - I can't wait! and speaking of Ikea I was watching 500 days of Summer on the train this afternoon and I thought I'd share my fav scene with you all :)
 Ikea from mood on Vimeo.
best line "Honey, I don't know how to tell you this, but there's a Chinese family in our bathroom!"
gets me everytime :)


  1. I might just check it out, did you use Google reader before?

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I am going to have to look up this 'blog lovin' thing. So many blog post slip through the cracks and I go without seeing them for months with both dashboard and reader it seems...

    And I love that scene out of 500 Days of Summer...a whole, whole lot. Happy Ikea-ing with your Mum, dear Mrs. Ayling. xo

  3. this is a.mazing. since ditching google reader happened to be on my list of resolutions for 2011. it's just such a time suck. and it makes blogs feel like an obligation after awhile!

    SO excited to check this out.

    and super tickled to see my post pop up on your screen!

  4. Hey guys - yeah it is a great little program - I'm not missing anything now :)

    Cassie - I did try to use google reader at one point but I found it really confusing and I didn't like reading them in the reader - i like to see the posts on the pretty blogs - which we all put so much time and effort into!

    Jess - of course - I read every new swell life post!!!

  5. Hey, just popped in from Cassie's blog, just watched the video of your house, it looks sooo cute! I might have to check out the blog lovin thing, i seem to have a zillion blogs to read, i need organising!

  6. I think I'll have to wander over there. I'm just looking for a new way to read and save the blogs I love.

    How did you know I love 500 DoS? :)

  7. totally need to check that out to...

    and ohhh that scene is so butterfly in your belly sweet.

    and ikea..
    dreamy.. we are house working away over here..

    nesting is so fun.....

  8. must. try. this.
    I really don't like google reader at all and wanted some catergories and oh, a whole bunch of other features that GR was missing. Can't wait to look into this! Thank you for sharing!