Jan 19, 2011

random. I want a desk

I got an early mark from work yesterday which means I walked in the door around 6pm, 6 PM PEOPLE!!
woo hoo - That is ahumazing!
I would be a very happy camper if I could do that everyday.
I had so much more energy too!!
I filled hubby's tummy with bbq pork spare ribs, cous cous and oolala kt salad and then he took me to a movie.
Morning Glory.
It was ok - we had a few laughs - although does Harrison Ford's voice annoy anyone else in this movie!!!! gaaah!
and when did he get so old looking!?

anyway I enjoyed snuggling and munching on my bubble gum rock candy (left over from the wedding) and did you know Rachel McAdams (well the character she plays) has my Ikea desk. in white. just like I want waaaa (see below post)

anyway that was kinda a post about nothing .. hoping to get a little bit crafty tonight so I can have something fun to share over here, using my new hot glue gun (os. any Aussie's out there Spotlight have 50% off their glue guns right now - I got mine for $7!) that I am an going CRAZY not being able to create!!


  1. I love this post about "nothing" because it sounds like girly chit chat and makes me smile. Miss you!(And I owe you an email.)

  2. Was wondering about seeing that film but wasn't sure it was worth the ridiculous cost of the ticket!

    Look forward to seeing what you create with your new weapon of choice!