Jan 6, 2008

continued book love!

This craft idea comes courtesy of my mother-in-law-to-be-hopefully who labels herself as 'a terribly uncrafty person' - which is a very terribly untrue statement! She is always baking yummy little cookies and cakes, oh and her Portuguese custard tarts!! She knits - and is going to teach me how to knit come winter so i can make some cute snuggle blankets, like the one she made last winter :) She also made a bunch of these beaded bookmarks to give away to family and friends as little Christmas tokens - which i thought was such a cute idea! (sure it was an idea given to her by a 'crafty' friend, but it takes a level of creativeness to know which beads to place together and to make pretty colour schemes just like she did!)

also the 1000th reason of 'why i love my Morgan'... the said Morgan chose to sit down with me last night (dessert included) and craft!!! we made these fun beaded bookmarks (pictured) And he choose to spend this time crafting with me, even though there was a brand new episode of top gear recorded and ready to watch, which i knew he was just hanging out to go and watch!! isn't he a keeper?!?

(sidenote:) M- these little things you do, just mean so much to me!!

i don't have a picture of Morgan's bookmark - but it was very cool and 'manly'. it was made out of purple ribbon, he tried the brown, but it was too thick! :( , wooden beads and a silver dangley cross ornament - it indeed looked awesome!

also a quick note on how to get the knot tight. tie the end knot first then when you tie the second knot use a thick needle (or like-material) to pull the knot tightly towards the beads - as pictured.


  1. i recognise some of those books!!!
    and i really love this blog, im so addicted and it makes me think of you!.

  2. it might be because some of those books belong to a sweet friend of mine..just maybe :)

    and thanks for your sweet little comments lizabeth, they make blogging all the more worthwhile!