Jan 12, 2008

magazine clippits..

Today, today I am simply inspired by this beautiful photograph. i don't know who the photographer is, but it's a page out of the fashion section in this months Marie Claire. theres just something about it that captures my attention and makes me day dream..

the elegant loose curly hairdo.
the oversized hair clip.
the cute grin.
the way she is clasping the antique camera.
i love it all! :)

it reminds me of summer and encourages me to enjoy all the summery aspects that are happening down here in the southern hemisphere at the moment..
running around barefoot, mangoes for breakfast...mangoes for lunch...mangoes as snacks... mangoes for dessert :), beach days that stretch long into the afternoon and leave you feeling sleepy and content when you get home, ice cubes in drinks, sweet summery dresses, late night walks, iced coffees, bright summery colours and warm pastels...

small simple pleasures that warm the heart.

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