Jan 11, 2008

messy business..

so I’ve been meaning to post this for some time now, but I’ve been so busy holidaying away! but now that it’s back to work and routine time (urgghk!).. here is my latest finished craft project. My second sock animal - a stripey elephant! (or as my brother used to say.. elfadent, which are also close friends to the dolphadents!) These cute little creatures are from the book sock and glove (see previous posts)

I liked the name Eleanor or Ella, mum liked Ellie and Morgan..well he insisted on calling her Elton! So i told him i'd make him another blue elephant whom he could call elton..a boy one! but really, it didn't matter what i said this elephant will always be known to morgan as elton the pink elephant..
So here is eleanor/elton and chops (the lamb) all wrapped up ready to give to precious little Keara. Whom we visited and had some cuddles and bath times with last week. Still waiting for morgan and Lar to email me through those photos..

as part of the pressie, I also made some baby bibs. These were made out of tea towels.
my mum first discovered these when she was given 2 as a present when she had me. she thought this was such a great idea.. apparently normal bibs didn't 'do it' for me.. and i still got just as much food (or dribble, apparently i was also a chronic dribbler) all over my clothes, even if I was wearing one of my pretty little bibs! she has since made a number of these for new little babies that have come along and i decided it was my turn. ( i also came across something similiar on a Martha Stewart page)

they are so simple to make too. basically you just fold a third of the bib to the back and cut out a semi cirle (mine was 6.5" across and 2" deep at the centre point) i also used a bread and butter plate as a semi circle guide. then sew ribbing (I made mine 11.5"x3.5") by pining it in quarters around the neck hole, as you would to a jumper neckline(using a slightly zig zagged stitch). and your done!! there also quite cheap, but make beautiful hand made gifts and we continued to wear ours well into our toddler years.

here's a photo of me in my 'tea-towel' bib in 1989:

i was obviously chuffed about it...or possibly whatever it is i was eating and getting everywhere!

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