Jan 25, 2008

that 70's book..

Hooray for working withing walking distance to about 4 op shops :)!! a couple of weeks ago at lunchtime i popped into Vinnies and came out with these great treasures...

oks: The complete sewing course and a fantastic 70's read the complete book of Handicrafts ($2 each). The complete sewing course is full of and information on different sewing techniques, hand stitches, trims and finishes, how to change patterns and even includes some gorgeous patterns - (kimono, cot quilt, camisole and skirt, kiddies 'dungarees' etc). The Handicraft book is huge.. with so much exciting stuff I'm try!
- smocking, embroidery, appliqué, knitting (and different stitches), crochet, patchwork, tatting - has anyone tried this before? it's looks fun and effective!- macrame, tapestry, rugmaking!?!, leatherwork, paperwork, basketwork, jewelery, toy making, hats etc etc etc and some great charts ie: dictionary of yarn types, knitting yarn tension guide, needle and thread stitch for what type of fabric your using, guide to pattern sizes... i could keep going on! what a little treasure I've found!!
and i also found these 2 fun vintage patterns. although they are sizes 12-14 and 16 and large. so I'm not quite sure what I'll do with them yet:( but they were too cute to resist AND the lady ended up saying i could have them for free!! and I'm sure theres something in that complete sewing course book about changing pattern sizes :)...

heres a little peek inside the handicrafts book:

i definitely want to try out those oven mits!

and how cute is this little smock??

matching mother and daughter smocks (yes theres a pattern) - cute, although I don't think it'd ever wear it! and i like this little crocheted dress, oh and the long socks!! :)
oh and did i mention it has lots of cute apron patterns too?!!

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