Jan 5, 2008

sweet reads..

lately im so obsessed with books. this week alone i have brought 4!
today Morgan and I 'popped' into Koorong to pick up a book which was part of a series my parents brought me for Christmas. They were only able to pick up 1,3 & 5 and had to order 2 &4. This made reading quite difficult as i've had to savour each chapter and have been waiting eagerly for number 2 (having finished book 1 a week or so ago). i'm thinking maybe this is a good thing for me, a person who loves to devour a whole novel in one night?!
anyways we 'popped into Koorong' to grab my book and came out with 3 books (for myself) and a cd (the New Reliant K - for M) & a fish symbol for m's new car.. i just love impulsive buys like this! and they WERE having a sale - thus justifying our little splurge :)
besides books are one of the things u can keep..and enjoy over and over again right??

Here's what i brought:

* Beverley Lewis' Abram's daughters series (1-5) .
The Covenant
The Betrayal (we picked up this one today *grin*)

The Sacrifice

The Prodigal
The Revelation
abit of a book blurb...
bascially follows the lives of 4 courting aged sisters in the Amish Community in Lancaster Country after WWII, while they are each going through their rumschpringe (a period of time in which young Amish people are given the chance to explore the outside world before they choose to become baptized into the Amish church). i find this series 'simply Wonderful-Gut'!

* Karen Kingsbury: A time to dance

(ah yes yet another romance novel for the collection)

and a devotional book 'New Day New You' by Joyce Myer

oh and wait.. make that 5 books this week.. i also picked up 'Bart Simpson's Guide to life - a wee handbook for the perplexed' for my brother for his birthday, which is in March. man..I'm feeling so organised! (good thind he knows nothing of this blog!).
btw: originally $24.95 reduced to $7! yipee!! it's also quite cute.

now i must inform dad that i need a new bookshelf...
and continue the rest of my lazy reading weekend! :)

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