Jan 16, 2008

little birds

Today while browsing through the blogging world i came across this cute little owl made by Rebecca over at Hurrah! I came home from work and started rummaging through my material collection (or lack thereof!) all i knew was i just had to make one too! i found some aqua tweed and a scrap of lace that i has been savouring for a moment such as this (despite the numerous times my mother has tried to throw it out!) Some matching buttons and two hours later and he was all finished! When i look at him he makes me happy and i feel accomplished to have done something crafty today *grin*. I also spent a little while mucking around trying to make up a pattern until i realised that Rebecca had also posted the moonstitches 'tutowlrial', where her idea originally came from. it is such a simple and pretty tutorial and you can view it here. Now that i'm inspired i've decided to make a similar one but bigger (as mr owl at the moment stands 8.5 cm's tall) and i feel he needs a friend. the last picture of the tutorial also gave me the idea to make some for Keara and print each letter of her name on each owls stomach. i think they would look really cute lined up on her shelf! i'll keep you posted on how that goes..

thanks for your inspiration Rebecca!

also today i finally received my special package from Argentina (also my Christmas present from Morgan). it's a a print from etsy by Munieca called patterned birds. it's just the right size for the wall i wanted to put it on and i can't wait to frame it and hang it up! it's simple but i like all the different patterns and the colours just go perfect with my room :)!

I think i am starting to have a strange obsession with birds. Weird. Especially since they are the only one thing in the world i am scared of! give me spiders and snakes and heights any day but give me a bird that starts flapping in my face and thats it! chickens are even worse. weird..


  1. Oh my goodness, your owl is absolutely gorgeous! I love how you've used the lace (thank goodness that piece didn't get thrown out!!) and the colours together are superb! I've been thinking of making a giant sized owl ever since I saw the Moonstitches tutowrial - maybe the size of a mini footstool! Making several owls spelling a name is a lovely idea too.
    Thanks so much for your lovely words and for dropping by Hurrah! Love your blog (that sock elephant is so nice!) and will definately visit again. Rebecca :D

  2. thanks Rebecca!
    i just need to work on my slipstitching cause it's abit messy! and a giant owl would be such fun!!
    please do come again! :)