Jan 2, 2008

thrifty finds!

being incredibly inspired by many other blogs, (particularly Soule Mamma's blog) and her amazing 'thrifting' finds (not used to that word, but i like it) i decided to go thrifting. i have always loved op shopping and am more than happy to spend blissful hours in one shop scrounging to the back shelf for anything interesting. I remember many trips to different op shops, particularly 'browse about' with my aunts (my dad's three crazy sisters) and my grandma and some cousins whenever we were all together each coming home with a $5 bag. My school also used to have an op shop and we sneaked to it during our free periods a few times! so i decided it was about time i started op shopping again.. here are some of my finds from last Saturday:

a bedspread ($3) isn't it cute!? definetly a favourite!

a 'horrible histories' book for my brother to add to his collection (50c!!):

some off cut fabric possibly for when i learn to patchwork. hello new years resolution! :) - 80c

a pattern book for children ($1), which i brought just for the pattern of a cute little smock :)
i was so happy when i got it home and realised that the patterns are still stuck in the little instruction book and have never been used! (see top photo)

some hallmark cards 50c-$1:

and quite possibly my favourite find, a book on 'Country Decorating' with the original price tag ($64.40 from Dymocks), which i scored for a whole $1!! the cover is pretty faded and dody, so i was pleasantly surprised when i opened it up and saw the beautiful photography and fun projects such as making little tea candles out of jam jars, how to distress a frame and furniture, make a window dressing, a beach canopy, window curtains and some fun table decoration ideas etc etc. i just love this book so much!


  1. i love your blog, and i really love the bedspread that you found

    when i come home im coming over to be arty with you

  2. i also LOVE this bedspread!!! still deciding whether to cut it up or not...tough decision!

    and i would LOVE to be arty with you when you come home! :)