Nov 23, 2008

catching up (again)..

phew! it's been quite a busy time over here. Here's a little update on whats happened over the weekend and past few days in my world:
- In the spirit of getting myself organized (especially as we head into this somewhat crazy and busy season) I had a quick play around with photoshop and created this picture for my desktop . One of my many lists! I just figured that with the amount of time I spend on my computer and the amount of time this machine is on, it seemed only fitting to create a 2 do list that will stare me in the face. Plus I can make it look really pretty and easily add and subtract 'things' as they come along. Ingenious ;)
now...can someone remember to remind me about my car rego ;)

- getting organized and having a DEEP spring clean. It's no joke when I say deep...
Every drawer.
every surface.
windows were washed, everything was dusted including drawers. things were thrown out. reshuffled. re-organised.
9.5 hours total!
But I am feeling so much better for it. More calm and in control AND so far it's stayed that way ;)

- Organizing my craft room. This too was a deep clean. I actually ironed and folded all my fabric and sorted them into piles!! designer. fat quarters. 1/2 yard/1/2 metre, yard/metre, larger pieces, scraps. And now it all actually fits into the cupboard! and it totally made room for some more ;) I also now have a free shelf to put current projects on, which is great cause I found a few that I had forgotten about and now they are within eyesight. I also plan on putting some sort of board inside the cupboard so I can, yeah you guessed it... keep a list of projects to finish and projects I want to try :)

- Had a For Sale sign put in our yard.

- finished up these little bags to sell at our Youth event. I love each of these fabrics and honestly couldn't pick a favourite. The pattern is the 'Artsy Clutch' from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing book.

- Attended said youth event. 'Blend' , this is the second year we have hosted this combined youth event for all the churches on the Peninsula and boy in one year has it grown... We had stalls, op shops, yummy food, live bands, chill out acoustic sections, skate park set up with jumps and some professional skaters in and didn't the girls do a great job with the stage:

the night also included 5 salvations with one of the guys coming to church on Sunday getting planted and eager to learn - awesome. And I know it would of been all worth it even if it was just for him!

- making a sock monkey. Inspired by Amanda's bright and colourful sock monkeys and these amazing ones. This is an order from a lady from work, so great to be enjoying making something AND making a little profit on the side too ;) I will post a pic when he is done.

- browsing through all your blog updates and seeing what everyone is up to :)

- Plodding along with my scrappy swap items. Sorry that it's taking me so long girls and that they will be late. But I promise they will be worth it. almost done!

- Finding this fabric on sale at Spotlight for $1.99 a metre! and buying up! 5 metres isn't too excessive, is it ;) Amy Butler eat your heart out:

- Organising and planning my Handmade Christmas gift swap we are having with dear family friends. We have become their family away from home (they are originally from South Africa and Germany) and we have shared many holidays and Christmases together as a large extended family, not to mention laughs. This year Nikki (she is so crafty and very into blogs and swaps) decided that we should all draw a name from a hat and make that person a gift. I couldn't believe even my dad and brother were so into the idea. We're having fun so far. And mum is planning to make one of the ladies a skirt from the above fabric. It's been too long since I saw her last on a sewing machine :)

- Receiving an email that made me smile again and again. Thank you girl you know who you are and I love our 'talks' too. Know that you are an awesome women and I love you!

- Loving this blog that Jess posted about. Eye candy heaven.

-Twittering away. You guys should join. it's like mini blogging ;)

- enjoying time with my boy. a good movie. a good snuggle!

And thanks for all your comments on my last post. How loved I felt to log on and see that you care and I was missed. Even that I was threatened to never stop blogging (in the nicest possible way of course) I am feeling so much better... not letting work get to me, not letting the daily grind get me down and focusing on the year to come, the blessings I have and the friendships I have in you all.


  1. So glad to hear that you are feeling better.

    I love all those cute little bags. Just adorable. As are you.

  2. wow wow wow! you've been so productive and have so much more on your plate. awesome little clutches, so glad to hear your youth outreach night was such a huge success. but i guess to God belongs the praise!

  3. cute list
    cute bags
    cute fabric
    cute artsy cluthes
    is there any other word??

    OHHHH there is.. AWESOME about the outreach night, and the young man being led to the Lord... what your doing now KT will have forever consequences isn't that amazing to know...

    Love you lady.

  4. I love all of the clutches you made. Very cute.

  5. ahhh good to hear things have picked up for you! I know when I ironed my fabrics (I normally hate ironing, but ironing fabrics is fun for some reason) I feel so much less stressed and my work space is so much neater! And I can fit more fabrics in!

    Those clutches are adorable. I keep hearing about great projects from that book, so may have to purchase!!

  6. What a great post. I loved all of the clutches - but I have to say my favorite part was hearing about the 'blend'youth event! Wow. That is so wonderful!

  7. what a gorgeous fabric!! I love it when I stumble upon 'finds' at spotlight et al. And five meters is barely enough! :-)
    A swishy skirt would be divine...

  8. I LOVE your to-do list. Brilliant!

    And I envy your deep cleaning. All my cleaning for the last several months has been, ummm, shallow. This poor house of mine is in need of some DEEP.