Nov 8, 2008

& the winner is...!

Now.. for the post you've all been waiting for. The drawing of the 'I don't know what I'm giving away giveaway' (although now I know who's won I have a better idea ;)
I tried to think of something exciting to do for this post and really liked when Wendi did her 'Now you see what I'm saying' video blog post & I thought I'd give it ago too.. plus i thought it would be fun for you to get to see us draw out the winner.
ooh and in front of us with candle intact is a profiterole. I was going to go with a cupcake.. because that's what I felt like for afternoon tea but the profiteroles won Morgan over (they are his favourite) and they were on special.. and you know how I love a special ;)
and yes I did let Morgan eat it after wards for helping me out and all, actually I think he ate about 3!
ooh and I have been told I do usually let Morgan get a word in ... which is good to know...phew!

ok so now to quickly publish this post before I totally loose my nerve :)

And to the dear sweet winner would you be able to send me your address via email to so I can get your little package off to you!
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

And Jacy, you poor thing! Praying that wrist of yours heals quickly and all goes well with Ryder's birthday party on Sunday. I'm sure you will make it a total success, one handed and all :)

*edit note: I forgot to say Thanks to my morgan for putting this video together. For getting it all set up on his little tripod and editing it like a pro (it really didn't take him that long) and the 'bahahaing' and pics and music are his doing.

And also.. I think I said Shannon and Jacy's names weren't in the draw... sorry girls you were in there just not twice. I don't think I phrased that quite well :)


  1. Okay, so I get that you don't like people making a big deal over Australian accents and slang and all that, but KT, could you make like a bunch more videos just so I can listen to you speak?? :) You are the cutest ever. I have always thought that, but this just confirmed it. :)

    And really, you were just so clever with the whole video thing. Technical difficulties to get us all riled up. Good stuff! :)

    SO FUN! :) Yay Aminta!

    Now I am going to watch it again.

  2. Can I keep your video?! lol You two are the cutest I love your accent I could listen to you speak all day and yaaaaay for Min!



    love you sweet friend hopefully someday I get to hear you speak in person!!! Now go make lots more cute videos :)


  3. Annabelle have already watched it three times and after sat here and giggled because you too are way to clever and cute and of course we loved your Aussie accents. After this last rerun Annabelle pipes up: "can we watch it again?" Of course we can. And I am so thrilled for Aminta to be your lucky's so going to make her day to watch/hear this happy news!!!

    So now until your next video adorable video we are going to go wear this one out.

    And Wendi said it so perfectly, you are the cutest ever!

    Happy weekend to you...but then yours is halfway over by now.

    Love. You. So.

  4. awwwww! you two are the cutest! and your accents are so. completely. darling. this just made my day. i agree--all of your posts need to be videos so that we can hear your voice more often. ;)

  5. Loved the video idea... so fun! Thanks for the clarification... your sweet!

  6. lol. Okay, I am speechless. Speechless about you and the "cute boyfriend" video. Speechless over the fact that MY name was pulled out of the box. Speechless that this means so much to me that I WANT THE PEICE OF PAPER that my name was written on. I KNOW, I am making you speechless with my strange obsessive request. Just teasing. :)
    Okay, so I am soooo excited. :) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
    And this so made my day.......week....year!
    Wishing I could give you a great big hug. Loves to you dear!
    P.S. Tune in later and see who won over at "my place". :)

  7. Hahaha you guys are just how I imagined! How cute!! Yeah, me too, I hate Australian accents and slang. But I can do a real ocka accent when required! (and get concerned when it starts slipping into daily usage). I was surprised to hear that you washed your car! It's something I so rarely hear these days in Melbourne.

  8. Y'all are just so cute! I loved listening to you guys talk! And getting to hear your voice was really cool. The whole "cute boyfriend" thing really did the trick. :) I think we are all in love.
    Okay, so now you need to go and do more videos. Maybe one a week? :) And tell us how to do them too!

  9. OH my gosh is this not the most adorable video ever ever.. you and Morgan are so stinking cute, an dlove the accent.. and the video was so clever ...

    fun fun... :)

    and now its even more fun to feel like I know the person behind the sweetness made for my babies, I have a face and a voice to go with it.
    We did a video once, but never did get the courage to post it... sighhh...

    YOU GUYS THOUGH.. more please!! :)

  10. This is the first time I have visited your blog and ooh my goodness are you the cutest thing ever.