Nov 20, 2008

Getting back into it..

So I seemed to have lost my blogging voice for a little while lately. Is it ok if I am really real for a moment. Is it ok to tell you that I was over everything lately and have been feeling a bit down. And not really motivated to blog. The 'process' of my life at the moment, I am hating. it goes: work. eat. do what is needed to be done. run here. run there. please this person. work (in a job I hate). small amount of craft if there is any. sleep. repeat. wake up tired again. gaaah! Hello, life I also need to breathe and I need time to just be me! How I am so looking forward to the holidays coming up! This week Morgan and I have also been sick. I had a very strange episode on Saturday where all of a sudden my muscles got really sore and then I felt so sick and hot and had a pounding headache. I went to bed early. It was not very fun. I guess it also doesn't help that my room and craft room are so messy and upside down as we are getting the carpet repaired and cleaned ready for the house to go up for sale - yes so very soon. It's busy over here. Girls, I promise your scrappy swaps are coming and Aminta your prize too, there's just been a bit of a delay.
But here I am picking myself up, smiling and knowing that I am blessed beyond blessed That I have a life that many less fortunate than I would love to live.
And thank you Fairlight for dropping by and just letting me know you were 'thinking of me' I had been quite down this week and to know someone far far away was thinking of me made my day!
so...I am back AND picking myself up AND... I missed you all!

In other news it is Miss Keara's 1st birthday in a few weeks and I also wanted to get her one of these little amazing creations from Leslie's shop 'One girl Design Works'. Leslie lives in Melbourne and also does Australian pricing for her Australian customers, excellent seeings our dollar is so bad at the moment! The only problem I can't decide which one I like better...
a Windsee:

An Oobee:

A well-dressed Oobee:or a oobbee blanket:
(not sure this one will be so practical in Dubai! ah, Dubai *sniff* I was in denial over that!)
the newer style:
The older style:

so what is your favourite?


  1. lady I had just been thinking about you, im so trying Ry's dress on her tomorrow... "hoping to get pictures"

    its okay to be real, in fact it makes me love you all the more... and its okay to be down sometimes.

    Your a blessing KT big time, and keep an eye pealed for the happy sprinklings throughout the grind.. or else the grind will get you down, and don't you start on your new adventure of school soon..

    btw .. I like the first and last one... they are A-DOR-ABLE... :) so glad to see a post from you.

  2. I wish I could run over right now and give you a big hug! Im so sorry you have been feeling so bad here lately! I've actually got an email I was working on sendng you today seeing how you were doing..
    I do hope it starts to get better and that you are able to have more time to do the things that put a smile on your face!
    Love you KT and as Leslie said, you are such a HUGE blessing to me and you better NEVER stop blogging, I would miss you too much!

  3. I'm so glad your back. I know that sometimes we need a break and "real life" is so blah we can't deal with the blogging world too. Be "real" as much as you need to bed. We love you because of it. :) But I do hope your feeling better dear. I have a nice little em all planned out to send to you, but I've not found a moment to write it yet. :)

    I like the well dressed Oobie (sp?) and the new style blankie. JMHO :) But I love the 1st one for all of it's slightly impractical reasons. I can see it sitting on my bed. :)

    I love the twitter. It wasn't hard to add it to my blog. If you go to your "settings" and make sure your updates are not protected and then add your blog URL to the "More info URL" line. It will say, "You can also add Twitter to your site here" click on that and just follow the steps. It was really simple and I did it in less than 5 minutes. Let me know if this isn't very clear and I'll try again. :)

    Sorry for the novel. Love you girl!

  4. KT - you are so precious. Being real is a qualitiy that I so admire. I think we all could relate to what had you down. Some times life is so - well life. :) We all get frustrated here every now and then, because our hearts were designed to long for some thing more. Heaven is our true home. But how glad I am that while we wait God shows us true beauty in amongst the difficult times.

    So glad you are feeling better and that you posted. I have also been thinking of you alot and was delighted to see a new post. :)

  5. I'd been wondering where you went! So glad you're back and feeling a bit more upbeat. I can definitely attest to blogging with your mood . It's hard to find something to say on those "more down than up" days...But your posts cheer us up so much!

    I vote for the first one. The Windsee? So sweet!

  6. so glad you were real...and i have SO been thinking of you and eagerly checking in to see a post with your going ons. and i LOVE the flowered CUTE!

  7. Boy can I relate to the losing your blogging voice...that happens to me quite regularly...but I am sorry to hear that things have been a bit on the blue side for you. I know that your job can be really draining emotionally ...and I am looking forward for you, to Feb and hoping that Design School will bring with it a certian joy to your " workload" and the refreshment you so deserve, dear friend.

    So excited to send off your scrap I am putting on the finishing touches today...sorry it's taken me this long, being the professional procrastinator that I am.

    Hope your weekend has been full of sweet moments. And those little softie dolls are all so darling, I couldn't possibly pick a favorite, I love them all equally. ;)

  8. I am sorry that you were feeling so down. Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us. It is hard to share that side of ourselves sometimes.

    On a lighter note...
    I was just looking at my own blog a few minutes ago and saw a little red dot on my map in Australia. Was it you? If so, I am so glad to meet you.

  9. Hey sheeww it's been forever but I'm glad I finally got to stop by and show some love... I think that angel is my fav. It was really creative nothing I'v ever seen before and wow you've been busy!
    THat youth event, that was awsome!