Nov 3, 2008

Sweetness overload (but in a really good way!)

Lately I have been waiting for a few packages to arrive and have been running to the letterbox each day to check. One of these was a package from this amazingly giving and sweet lady, which seemed to take forever to arrive (like alot of my packages lately hmm..). I also received lots of little emails and comments from Chelle wondering whether it had arrived yet (seems I wasn't the only one totally excited!) And now that it has arrived I completely understand. It truly is that exciting!! And very worth sharing with you ladies...

I was only expecting some fabric scraps (for the Domestic Bliss Swap) and my banner which I won from Leslie's baby shower. So I was very surprised when this HUGE envelope appeared in the mail and I had absolutely no idea what could possibly be inside.

When I opened it up I found a beautiful home made card and equally beautiful little note which made me smile, lots of yummy little choccies, a yummy assortment of tea, a passionfruit lip gloss (smells so good!), a domino magazine, some handmade scrapbooking goodies, fabric scraps and my banner - which is stunning. For your next event you should definitely head over here and buy one for yourself :)

I picked out a green, blue and cream coloured theme and the words 'So Blessed' because that's what I feel I have been through this process of blogging and getting to know all you lovely ladies. I also wanted the words so be similiar to 'Showers of Blessings' as a momento from the shower and a reminder of the beautiful friendships found during that time. I plan on hanging it up at special events, events that each of you lovely ladies would be invited to if possible and hopefully one day my own baby shower :)

Thank you Thank you.
I loved my package. Everything about it was so very me and it was wrapped so amazingly. I simply devoured up all those yummy details, the little notes, the random goodies, the ribbons etc. My dad actually made a comment on the packaging and how you are so much like me! I was like Dad, it's a blog friend thing - they just completely understand you. And how true that is!
I had a ball opening it up. Exclaiming over the goodies inside, Getting excited. Sqeualing. Dancing. and repeating the process all over again :)

Seriously wishing I could just jump on a plane and give this lady a hug (and possibly stop by a few US states on the way too. You know seeings I have travelled all that way and all ;)

oh and sorry the pictures (especially the banner photo) doesn't do these lovely items any justice... I dropped my camera, pretty much the only time I wasn't wearing it around my neck! and I seem to have broken the aperture ring. It has to go to the doctors and is sounding expensive I nearly cried and feel like something is desperately missing already!


  1. Well I couldn't help but nocite your adorable blod my sister (ajourney with purpose) introduced me to. She also said you were from austrailia that would be an adventurous lifestyle, but how do I know I only have seen it in movies but would love to be able and travel and see all these wonderful places... I'm deffinently new to blog land and have lots to figure out but I'm really excited about meeting all these great people my sister talks about! God Bless!


  2. So sweet! Is Chelle not the most amazing woman? :) Wow. Thanks for sharing!

  3. what a lovely swap.... and no better one to swap with then the lovely Chelle, she has a way with special packages, definetly amazing with it...

    so many inspiring things here... and love the banner KT... so fun!

  4. love Love LOVE the package from Chelle. She sends the best packages ever. I just got your swap package today and I'm seriously in love the fabrics. Especially the Japanese ones. So adorable. I haven't started anything with them yet. I'm still trying to decide on something sweet and special for each of you and yet not too time consume since life is head over heels busy. But I want it to be a fun thing too. And you package will arrive with an extra goodie or two anyways because you won the "guess the baby's weight" game on the shower blog. I'm going to get your bag and wallet finished up before I send out the finished swap package.
    Anywho, I can't wait to see what you made. You are so amazingly talented that I know it will be delightful.
    Love ya Katie!

  5. Phew! What an enormous sigh of relief, to hear that this little package arrived safely to you. So glad the banner was all you were hoping it would be...and that you are enjoying all the other little was so much fun putting together a package to send to sweet little you, all the way in Australia. Especially after the darling one I had recived from you, a few weeks earlier. So much fun. ANd thank you again.

    Hope your week is going just lovely.

  6. Chelle's packages are the best huh???
    Looks like this swap was so much fun - can't wait until the next one.......

  7. Wow, gorgeous things. I LOVE mail (except bills of course ;p).

  8. Wow! Lucky girl!!

    Hahaha I always get excited about parcels. I order stuff online and then I'm always surprised when I find a parcel in the letterbox (which is quite silly, I know, but I kind of lose my head in the excitement of getting a parcel and forget that I was actually expecting it!).