Nov 3, 2008

So they call it 'Candy'

We don't do Halloween over here in Australia, so I've only ever been to two Halloween parties. One was a class party in primary school (as my teacher was from the states) we both wore fake eyelashes and told everyone they were real and we grew them overnight. I was in year 2 and remember thinking that was pretty cool & that Mrs McHugh was the best! I also remember one year we had some trick or treaters come to our door and were totally unprepared so dad gave them some of the butterscotch I had made and was savouring - I was pretty mad at him.


for you ladies who do enjoy this holiday I came across this blog post in my blog browsing today and I thought it was worthy of being shared around. It's about re purposing your leftover Halloween 'candy' (aka lollies :P) - that is if there is any left over ;) and turning them into:

A christmas advent calender:Thanksgiving holiday decorations:

Thanksgiving pinata:
I'm seriously contemplating making that advent calender this year after seeing this cute design, actually my brain is currently swimming with possibilities right about now...
I also think I need an excuse to make a turkey pinata! Maybe I could make it for Christmas and make sure we broke it in front of 'The Stalking Bushturkey' who lives near us. This bird likes to waltz into our house, eat our dogs food, chases me up the stairs, run towards you as soon as he sees you and has left me trapped in my car on numerous occasions - i really dislike that bird!

ps. Is anyone else suddenly startled that we are already a few days into November!!


  1. okay I am seriously a sugar aholic and really need to slow down. Yesterday I said I am not eating no more sugar and im losing 10 pounds by Jan.1st. This morning I woke up round 6:00 Had a cup of coffee with a dab of soy milk and a little splenda... 2 hours later, a resee's cup! I know, I'm so bad (shhhh if my husband found out he would laugh at me) well as I go to throw the wrapper away I see the 4 funsize wrappers of butterfingures in the trash from yesterday... There is a candy theif around here and something has got to be done about it I think I might try your idea it looks very helpful and nifty!!!!

  2. I'm so laughing about the bird that stalks you. I would be terrified! :)