Nov 9, 2008

A Lazy Sunday

On Tuesday my cousin Larissa, her husband Brant and baby Keara fly out of Sydney and head off to Dubai were they will spend the next 3 years due to Brant's work *sniff sniff*. So today we headed down to Sydney to soak up every last moment with them that we could possibly fit in. It was a lot of fun (as spending time with family often is!). We had a picnic at Creymorne Point - this area is so pretty. Very upperclass Sydney suburb with amazing huge 1920's style mansion houses and apartments, long windy roads and amazing views of the harbour. It was a perfect spring day, all the boats were out on the harbour and we soaked up the sun and played frisbee and nibbled on cheeses - going to work tomorrow is going to be so hard!
My mum and I also tried some serious baby snatching:
check out my mummas little 'snatching walk' hehe

we got in lots of kisses...
and lots of cuddles.. this shot melts my heart...
we lazed around with the family...
And were just plain silly... the woolly one above is my baby brother ;)

And did I mention we got to drive this cute car down and zip around the city in it?! And the weather couldn't have been more perfect for it!
This car belongs to a family friend who dad has also down some work for them over the years. He has just recently brought a house near where we live but because he spends his time living in New Zealand, San Fransisco and Sydney he has asked dad to keep up the maintenance and that he can use it whenever he likes (not a bad job perk ;) Oh how the other half live! we had fun living it up for an afternoon...

this totally called for myspace photos.. you know the ones where you 'accidentally' cut your face off...
that's better..

The boys overwrote me and mum and made us keep the roof down on the way home too. The night air was pretty chilly and we had to drive the express way for about 40 mins which was definitely an experience. Mum and I were toasty in the front with our heated seats (yes I am serious) and the boys sat in the back with their hoodies up freezing but having a good time none-the-less. It was fun to sit up in our seats and feel the wind on our faces mum didn't seem to keen on trying it, but later we caught her checking that no one was looking and then putting her arm in the air to see what it felt like - shes a crazy fun lady my mumma!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend. And thanks for your great and funny comments on my last post, I was seriously nervous about posting a video of just us talking but your comments have brought constant smiles to my face and giggles to my lips - there may just be another video post sometime in the future :)


  1. looks fabulous! and i was so thrilled to see your little video for the giveaway drawing. you and morgan are so fun! and i simply adored hearing your delightful accents...took me back to the summer i spent living in new zealand with some dear friends of mine...although, yes, i know...kiwis and australian accents are probably quite distinct to non-americans! :)

  2. what a wonderful weekend it looks like you had! I love all your photographs :D And guess what I got over the weekend????

    KT you are the sweetest friend THANK YOU!!! I am so inlove withthe apron it is absolutely gorgeous you are simply amazing dear friend and thosebook you got for the boys and I (as they always say) YOU SHOULDNT HAVE!! lol thank you sweet friend you are too good to me, I loved all the scraps by the way and I a m hoping my sis will help me get started on them

    hugs and loves to you

  3. hey, the wheel is on the wrong side of the car! It looks like y'all had a great time, and I love that car, too!

  4. These are totally darling photos - it's so clear that you all are enjoying your time together.

    And I LOVED hearing your voice in your video below.

    Happy "One Year Blog" birthday. We must have started about the same time. I think my "bday" is some time next week... ;-)

  5. My, such fun both the post and the picutres, although to have to say good bye to baby Keara and your cousins must have been more than a little sad.

    And what fun to be able to zip around with your Mom and the boys in that fancy little convertable!

  6. Katie, are you doing ok? You haven't been around much this past week and I'm hoping your alright. I'm thinking of you dear! Hugs...