Apr 9, 2009


It's true, the seasons are quickly changing.
I've been reading many little blog posts floating around filled with the excitement and freshness which comes with the beginning of spring. But for us in the southern hemisphere it's a slightly different story...
The days here are still a little bit confused. One appears really warm and sunny, the next brings with it a slight chilly breeze. The change is subtle - the natural fauna keeps its colour year round but here are there is a tree beginning to loose its colour and starting to drop its leaves... Each morning and evening the air is cold and fresh and you can feel the beginning of winter.
Ugg boots, scarves and jackets are making their way into stores. And that feeling of cozy homely snugglyness is creeping into our world.

I'm hanging on to these warmer days, not quite willing to let go.
At least not just yet.
It has been a really good summer and I'm really going to miss...
Going to the beach with M after we finish work and lazing in the afternoon sun while pouring over Home Beautiful, Holidays on the boat where you live in just your swimmers and sarong the whole time, bare feet, paddle pops, discovering sushi, the sound of a summer evening, sleeping with the window open, going to the beach after church with friends, afternoon sunshine that lingers well after dinner time, car rides with the fam with the roof down, outdoor dinners..
oh boy the list could go on.

But here's to a smuggly and fun winter, - the winter fashions, cozying up with a movie in front of the fireplace, my 21st birthday (oh wow), snuggling down into bed at night with loads of blankets, warm cups of tea, home made soup and enjoying all this season has to offer.

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  1. With a summer like that, I can definitely see why you would want to hold on to it!!! How fun would it be to stay on the beach for a day or spend a few days on the boat!! How fun!!
    I hope winter brings the same joys for you though and that you are able to see God in every change. I always look forward to the changes we get because even though they are repetitive they are new and fresh, but for some reason, summer is so hard to let go of lol
    Love you!