Apr 11, 2009

Got it covered!

School has been so busy this month that my poor sweet little sewing machine has been rather neglected of late. But I pulled it out the other night as my brother and Morgan had neglected me to play Age of Empires together, with their lap tops all linked up - such boys huh :) Still I do love that they get along so well! These two even have little inside jokes I have no clue about!! - love it.
anyway back to sewing...

So I made this little case for my ipod. It's the same as the cover Morgan sewed for his sisters ipod - I was even able to use the pretty pink left over elastic. This is a great quick little project and oh so simple. The nano is much much smaller than the classic ipod though and so I wasn't able to line it, bagging it out the same way. I also had to sew one side seam then overlock and sew the top hem before I sewed the second side seam, as the opening was so small.
It's quite a tight fit too so I probally didn't need to include the elastic closure, but it does work great so securing the earphones in place once they have been wrapped around :)

And loving this green fabric, which is part of Spotlight's new range of quilters fabrics. They must be feeling the pinch of so many amazing fabrics being purchased online - they even have their own range of vintage aprons too!! Yes Spotlight, my faith is slowley being restored..slowely !


  1. It's so cute! I love that green fabric too

  2. how fabulous is this...and a fun little quick project! too bad i don't own an ipod (i know...so behind the times) or i just might need to know how you whip it up! :)

  3. So cute! I ahve tooo many sewing projects to do lately! LOL But fo anyone who knows me, knows that I love a challenge! I do wait for things last minuite, then am crazy pulling out my hair to try to get it done in time. Silly me, yes I know!
    So fun that you took a moment to do something you love. Remember to not get lost in the shuffle of life!
    So curious as to WHAT is on that ipod..... list of music next?