Apr 23, 2009

I love my family...

For SO many reasons...
they are loving and kind and supportive and oh my, just a little bit crazy!
I love them for the silly little moments that make us such an awesome little 'family unit' such as tonight... as we are serving up dinner and we all hold hands to say grace and somehow start doing the hokey pokey...
oh yes, you heard right..
We were singing and dancing...
and doing the hokeiest of all pokeys!
(and the youngest of us is 16!)
We threw in 'McAllanisms'.. "you put your maaang in, you put your maaang out"
and we put our maang in, and we shook it all about!

I love the laughter that arose, because we realized we are just SO silly! And for the smiles that showed we know that what we have together is just so special.
These simple moments make me so thankful for this sweet and slightly crazy family I have been placed in!

and yes we did eventually get around to saying grace ;)


  1. Haha you guys are great!
    I must see this family randition of hokey pokey one time... Put it on you tube maybe? Ha

  2. Sounds like you have such an amazing family KT, you are nothing short of blessed!
    And yes, maybe you should youtube it sometime ;)

  3. I so adore this post...

    and if I end up with even half the family dynamic you guys have when my youngest is 16...I will be more than pleased...

    I pray for just this today and down the road for my family...

    so often in life it's the silly little things...that you rememeber.

  4. So fun! I want my little family to be like that. I adore crazy families. You know..... within reason. Crazy fun is great!
    I am on here trying to decide on three or four night family vacation. I am opting for four.... but money is opting for three. lol
    I ADORE the little iron on's you sent to the girls on the scrappy exchange. You SO should sell them on your shop! DO YOU HAVE A SHOP? I want the link if you do, for I am so going to visit you there.
    SO much love coming your way from IDAHO! And soooo looking forward to SPRING 2010! YAY!
    XO, Min

  5. this totally made my day.. Im with Chelle.. if my family is like that 16 years from now. I will think... Hurray!