Apr 15, 2009

Things making me smile this week..

- Just being on holidays & being at home with my family.
- Still overjoyed at having wireless finally set up! Woo hoo for blog surfing and watching dvd's while in bed!
- M finally getting his car back from being fixed after his little incident. And thankful once again for the protection over him that day. Oh & laughing over his cute little diagram - he always has to either sketch one or use objects within reach to explain things, but this one takes the cake!
- Hopefully getting to catch up with my beautiful cousin sarah. Love this girl so much!
- Browsing through this months Home Beautiful which arrived in the post yesterday & Excited over the free ticket to this event that is inside this months issue. And I can nicely include it as one of my 8 industry related events I have to attend this year as part of my course too.
- Finding an Australian Etsy seller who sells Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Joel Dewberry and other fun fresh fabric at great prices & is much cheaper than getting it posted from the States. Oh and it is also sold in metre lengths too - score!
- Just smiling over this cute little dress from Spool. (I wouldn't mind it in my size as a longish top over jeans either!) And yes it is in the Tina Givens fabric I posted about a few days ago. I love how shes used the bird motifs as the panels...

- And smiling over these amazing dresses from this Etsy shop. Expensive but such amazing and unique designs.
- A new blog and possible planning of a VERY exciting kind! Fingers crossed over here girls.
- Catching up with Morgan's Aunt, Uncle and Cousins. And mucking around with their new macbooks too.
- This fabric:
and this one too:
From Amy Butlers Midwest Modern 2 range which are soon to arrive in the post. I'm thinking a possible lap top cozy?!
- Driving lessons with my brother (he already has 12 hours!! only 108 logged hours to go...)
- A clean and snuggly puppy dog.
- Loving these baby slings by serena and lily. Not that I will be needing one for quite some time but isn't the embroidery so gorgeous? just had to share.

- Heading here tomorrow for fabric needed for a school assessment.
- New tops that were on sale yipee!!
- And just catching up on life and with friends and family - those that mean so much to me :)

Hope each one of your weeks are filled with lots of smiles too!

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  1. Oohhh I love that little dress too. It makes me melt! And that green bag is nice too.

    Let us know how that trip to the fabric shop goes. I just took a look at their website - looks so exciting! "...with a team of passionate experts who are happy for any opportunity to talk textiles" Ooo-ahh!