Apr 20, 2009

Princess Maharaji Mousey Mousey

Was mucking around with old photos on iphoto (macs come with pretty fun software!) and came across these pictures Morgan's cousin was nice enough to send me. So I thought I'd share.
I'd like you to meet Beau/Susan/Sister... or as she appears here Princess Maharaji Mousey Mousey! (yes this little puppy has lots of names!)
This is Morgan's cousin's dog who nearly comes home with me in my handbag every time I visit!
I love this little puppy dog, can you tell?

ps. I miss my long hair!

1 comment:

  1. What cute little puppy!! We have a miniature dashound and when she was little she use to cuddle up in my bag...so sweet...xoxo

    PS: Your long hair looks very good on you! I like it!