Apr 22, 2009

on Friends & Family ...

I've been feeling a little mixed up, anxious, excited and stressed at the moment. every. single. emotion. My head is full of so many possibilities... organizing ideas for my 21st birthday, putting samples together for school assessments, getting orders for some sock animals, fun thoughts of a certain spring meet up 2010, more school assessments, ideas for a new etsy shop, a new blog that I check far too many times a day, Tumblr and more! So sorry if my writing is a little all over the place.. I have a couple of things I wanted to share. A little video sent my way of a certain little Miss Keke...

yes walking!! and talking (we'll kind of)
seriously, wasn't this just yesterday??

And also in other fun news my dear paper-crafting-stamping-card-making-crazy friend Niki has just joined the blogging world!!! Check out her little space over at Friday Enough and say hi, she is a real sweetie...I'm so lucky to be part of her 'Australian Family' :)

ok back to that assessment..


  1. That was the cutest video every!! She is so darling!! And I am loving also Tumblr, how amazing!!!
    I feel your business though...lots of excitement going on!!

  2. When is your 21st? I had so much fun at mine. I had a Grease themed party and everyone dressed up. It was awesome. You are going to have so much fun at yours.

  3. Hi Kt Bear, thanks for plugging my blog! I can't believe you are going to be 21, you were 10 when we first met you - wasn't that, like yesterday??
    Hugs xoxox