Apr 18, 2009

invited (again)...

I have been meaning to share these for sooo long...
They are the invites I made for my brother's party. I had such fun putting these together & maybe even got a little carried away seeings as Stu didn't even get to see them until after his party.
They were very easy to make though. I simply created both the designs in photoshop and then it was just a matter of getting them to the right size and printing them on white and manilla A4 cardstock. I used a printed sample to get the right shape of the manilla folder and then used it as a stencil for the rest. I also glued the right hand side of the folders together so the invites didn't fall out.
Apparently Stu's friends though they were 'very cool' and raved about them, and he himself loved the little one I kept for his keepsakes - job accomplished!
ps. do you think the attendees got that it was a surprise ;)


  1. those are so "very cool!" I love them and after getting a closer look I totally think they got the message! What a good friend you are to go all out on even the simple things...I'm sure that ment a lot to your dear friend!

  2. Katie - your eye for design is so awesome! I want to hang out with you (for way more reasons thatn this...) so that some of that talent can maybe make it's way over to me. :)

    I love these!!!

  3. bring your swimmers... "he he"

    love these, you never cease to amaze me... !!

    btw.. no house... but thanks for praying.. your so sweet.

  4. Fun!
    You know, your bother couldn't ask for a better sister.
    Amazing you are!

  5. Wow, they are some of the best invites I've ever seen - very cool and so appropriate for the age and occasion!