Jun 22, 2008


Things that have been keeping a smile on my face this week (and absent from the blog!)

- Spending time with this gorgeous girl.

- and this crazy funny boy! "That's sneaky!"

My two sweet cousins who are visiting for a few weeks all the way from the big bad US of A! Miami, Florida to be exact. It's been two years since I saw them last! This was after they moved back to Florida after 4 years of living only an hour away. We're a pretty close family so that was hard!

- a day on the boat with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Including a trip to the op shop as soon as the boat pulled up to the wharf - my aunts, they just can't resist!

- celebrating all the June birthdays in the extended family (theres 8 of us) with cake made by Grandma

- Numerous games of Scattergories with my cousins that end in uncontrollable laughter

- Horse riding with my cousins in the beautiful Glenworth Valley (above photo by Hanna)

- a 6 day weekend! :)

- shopping trips with cousin Hanna and new belts!

- sleepovers with the said cousins

- ice skating with said cousins

- new haircuts 4 M and me

- date night with my boy, to the drive in to see Prince Caspian. This sounded sooo good with M's sub you could feel the bass through the whole car.

- sing alongs with my boy to Angus and Julia Stone on the way home from said date
- taking tonnes of photos with my new camera :)- wintertime sun shine

- Lunch with Morgan's extended family to celebrate all the June Birthday's (theres quite a few on this side too!) including His Pa's 90th birthday!

- Being Thankful for all the memories that have been made :)

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  1. I'm guessing these photos were taken with your new camera! :) I love hearing about family stuff, there's not enough family togetherness these days. What wonderful photos of your adventures with your family, such happy photos. Gib and I saw Prince Caspian the other day, we had the whole theatre to ourselves! I think it was better than the first one actually. What fun!