Jun 16, 2008

catching up..

Wow it has been (once again) quite awhile since I last posted. I tend to do that. Short bursts of posts, everything happening at once and then long lengthy pauses...space to clear my head and creative thoughts and to start all over again I guess :) So I have some serious catching up to do. Especially seeings it's been a super busy couple of weeks.. heres a few things we've been up to...

Last Monday was the Queen's birthday long weekend so on Monday Morgan's family and I headed north for a day trip to the Hunter Valley. This is well known wine country with beautiful landscapes and a perfect opportunity to play with the new camera :) We visited This gorgeous little chocolate shop, with heaps of hand made goodies: chutney's, jams, fudges oh and chocolate survival bags (as pictured below) This place also had a 'wine shop' that had a super yummy fire crackling away inside while the customers enjoyed samples. Outside the garden was full of lanterns, couches, coffee tables and chairs where you could sit outside in style and enjoy the surrounding mountains and scenery :) (or find the only existing wet patch, like Paige did and sit in it! hehe)

We then headed up to the Hunter Valley Gardens where we had lunch and looked around the shops. There was this awesome UK lolly shop were they were REALLY keen to let you test everything before you bought it! I seriously had a HUGE lolly in my mouth and hand and the guy was still trying to get me to sample more!! It was such a sweet experience everyone happily munching away while shopping.

Then we headed up to a lookout and had tonnes of fun jumping around (literally) and posing for photos. I also taught Morgan how to cartwheel, and he was super proud he could do it.

Then Friday June 13th was this little girl’s 20th birthday!

Yes 20! Wow! My teens are over – my that seemed so quick!

On one hand I can’t believe I’ve finally made it to this milestone and on the other I know that there is still so much living and learning and spiritual growing that I have to do and that I am just at the beginning.

I am ready to embrace all that my 20’s have to offer. Those years where I plan to get married, become a mum, travel the world and continue growing and being molded day by day into the person god wants me to become. Stepping into that closer and more intimate relationship with him and watching as the plans he has for my life start to unfold.

I simply can’t wait!

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  1. I found you through the sassy apron swap. Loved the apron you sent and love your blog!

    I haven't gotten my apron this time around, either :(