Jun 4, 2008

a little sneak..

Heres a little sneak peak of the apron I made for the sassy apron swap which should being reaching it's new home soon. This swap's theme was summer which is something that has definitely left us here on the east coast of Oz. It's been raining for the last 3 days and more rain in forecast for the rest of the week (note to self at you need to buy an umbrella and stop putting it off girl!!). I'm looking forward to Saturday (even if it is supposed to be rainy) as I'm sure Camera shopping will lift my spirits :) I can't wait to get some actual 'good' photos up on this blog!

In other completely unrelated news have I ever mentioned how cute I think my dad is and blessed we are to have him in our family? Tonight he cooked us dinner to give mum a break because she is not feeling to well (naaw!) and it was yummy. I really love having a dad who loves to cook (morgan take note here). After dinner as we were sitting around enjoying our after dinner banter conversing and laughing about our days he gets this sudden excitement in his voice and exclaims that tonight is 'just the night for making some rock cakes' (a big favourite of his) He looked at mum with a pleading look and asked if it would be too much trouble and fuss for him to make some tonight and if we had all the ingredients and then off he went. He got out his little blue recipe book where he has recorded all of his mum's best recipes - her potato salad, her casserole and rock cakes - all the favourite ones from his childhood and he was so happy.

So even though the weather has been awful over here it was just so lovely inside the Mac household tonight with the fire glowing, the rain falling outside and dad in the kitchen looking mighty pleased with his progress and I realised that as much as I want to leave home and get a place of my own (with my boy) to decorate and love these are the little moments that I will truly miss and will always think of with fondness. Thank you God for this amazing family you have placed me in!


  1. Hey!!! That apron you sent just arrived in MY letterbox! I am SO very excited! It's absolutely gorgeous, I love it. Just a quick note for now, but will post more about my excitement later, with photos ;-D

  2. Beautiful colours!!! Isn't that gorgeous about your dad? My Dad doesn't cook but my family is like that, and as we have gotten older and married, we have maintained our closeness, it has just grown and developed. Now we laugh about different things.. Cute new header by the way. I am so envious of people with cute, gorrvy childhood pics. I don't have any that cool.

  3. kt. that is cute cute cute... Love that fabric. so so much.

  4. I moved out of home with my bf at the time when I was 20 and it was one of the best things I ever did. I had a whole kitchen to myself, was in a great area of Melbourne and it felt so good to be truly independent. But I also missed my dad's crazy inventions and our fascinating conversations about life and science, my mum going off tap at the cats all the time and all her crafting, and just the sheer madness of my household. The relationship I have with my parents improved so much on so many levels when I lived away from home (as in, it was good and got even better!). I think I have the best of both worlds for now: I live with Gib in a bungalow in my parents' backyard -- so I'm at home but not at home ;-) Definitelty sounds like exciting times!!!