Jun 11, 2008

my new toy.

check out my new toy!!
I'd have to say I love the newest addition to my life.
blog readers I'd like you meet Mr Nikon D80...and Mr Nikon I'd like you to meet my blog readers (they are really sweet people!) :)

M and I spent last Saturday going around to the camera shops trying out all the different models, asking a bazillion and one questions and getting competitive prices! But the best bit of all was that my good friend Jes (we went to two of the same high schools together how crazy!) works at JB Hi-Fi and was able to give it to us at cost price (with the really nice camera bag) so that saved me almost $300 straight away. Also Nikon is having a $200 cash back promotion for the month of June yipee!

So hopefully there'll be some really nice images appearing on the blog. That is once we work at out all these buttons and features and try and remember all that I have learnt (and forgotten) from year 11 photography!

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