Jun 27, 2008

Flashback Friday..

I have decided that It's finally time I had a weekly feature on the blog..

I love old photos. I really, really do! Theres just something about the clothes. the poses. the way these images reflect small snippets of the past. Whenever I'm at my grandparents I love to pour over all the old albums again and again. In my family I'm so lucky to have had a grandfather who was so interested in photography and so many amazing images of my dad and his brothers and sisters growing up (and silent films with the sound of music songs playing in the background - they are awesome!)

So... here is my version of 'Flashback Friday' Because I believe these photos deserve more than to just be placed in a box or old album and forgotten about - they deserve to be shared!

My grandparents at a debutante ball the very first night they met. As fate would have it my grandma was asked along as a date. Something to do with keeping the numbers of boys and girls even for dancing.. I think its safe to say she spent the majority of the night dancing with my grandpa. He tells the story of how he came home that night and told his mother that he had met the girl he was going to marry!


  1. Wow, this photo and your accompanying story is just delightful. Reading about how your grandparents met is so exciting -- like a Jane Austin novel! How romance should be!

  2. I love Flashback Friday. I'm with you, some of these pics are too good to be hidden away. Ge=reat story too.
    I post my old pics on a Friday too - though not every week. I recently grabbed a stash of old pics from my parent's place, so I have a few ready to go.