Jun 30, 2008

Dress ups

On Friday we held a 70's disco and games night for our youth group. I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite images of the night...

This girl is super Gorgeous, she stars in a lot of my images (including my photography major and modeling my textiles major for year 12) Because she is That Gorgeous! and such a great little poser :)

his is Noaxy - he's pretty cool and a really sweet guy. His costume was awesome - it was some white body suit he found in an op shop that his mum made smaller to fit him and added flares and sequins! And look at that chest hair hehe!

And dear Ed his chest hair was super glued and sticky taped on - ouch and ew!

My handsome Morgan (in clothes my Dad still owns and wears! :S ) and Mitch. It's been so great watching this guy come into church, give his heart to the Lord and watch the excitement as he finds new things and promises throughout the bible and shares them with us. I love it!


  1. That looked like a fun night! What kind of church do you go to? We are Southern Baptist (but the southern part is probably a USA thin, I don't know). Anyhoo, I STILL haven't gotten my apron. Lucy wrote me 3 weeks ago that my apron was coming from Europe so it would take a little longer to get to me. But I think it still should have made it by now.

  2. Hahaha! Looks like you had a whole lot of fun! Although seeing that fake eyelash made me shudder. It takes me back to that decade of dancing I did... all of those concerts and competitions... the itching eyelashes and that horrid false eye lash glue!

  3. how fun is this.. I remember Nick and I going to a 70's youth group night ages ago, still great memories from it, those glasses are to die for.