Jun 10, 2008

Sassy Apron Revealed!

Yay! My apron swap partner Beth received her summer sassy apron in the mail last Thursday! Gee Australia post that was quick, I only sent it on Tuesday!!! Beth posted up a little review and some photos of her wearing the apron on her blog - it's so great to see something you made being worn and loved by someone else! Thanks for posting that up Beth. So now I can share with you all here's my summery creation:

I really enjoyed being part of this swap (my first swap) and am excited to join up for the next (I've already joined up for the summer postcard swap which is being run by Andrea of Hula seventy i think this may slowly become a new obsession!).

It took me awhile to actually decide on my design and fabric of my apron and it only ended up coming out the way it did due to a mishap - hence why it was sent on Tuesday and not Monday (oops) But i figured this would be ok seeings I was sending it interstate and not to another country.

I had picked some similar colour cotton drill and white bias binding and had a simple chef's apron style (from a Mccalls pattern) as the original idea. I was inspired by the simple natural colours splashed with bright patterned cotton used by shim & sons, Tania Ho & leslie of one girl design works But it ended up looking very bland, the cotton drill wasn't hanging very nicely and the over locker broke half way and even though those sides would be covered in bias binding I wasn't happy because I knew they were there and that they looked awful! So i rushed out to Spotlight (the weekend it was due) and grabbed some more tea towels (at 50C each!!). This also meant that the apron really would match the tea towel I had already appliqu├ęd. Doing it this way was super easy all I had to do was basically attach a waistband, the (already made) pockets and some buttons. The bib is also a tea towel that I cut smaller, added some darts and decorative stitching, some buttons and button holes - easy!

Infact it was that easy if anyone is interested I would be happy to post up my how to.

I'm so glad you loved your apron Beth I did have fun making it and now I'm just waiting for my apron to arrive... :) and for anyone who is interested...there is a sassy apron autumn swap coming up!

*edit note - I completely forgot to mention that my apron is a 2 in 1 apron and can be worn as both a cafe style half apron and a full apron. I really wanted to make a full apron (having only made half aprons before) but the half cafe style apron looked so cute by itself that I didn't want to join anything to it. I had previously found this free apron tutorial for a 1940's bib style apron from this site (56 free apron patterns!!) where the bib is joined to the apron by buttons. So I adapted this to my design. The last picture shows the mis-matchy buttons on the reverse side of the waistband that join up to the button holes on the bib. I just don't know how I forgot to add this important detail in!!


  1. Beautiful. I am always a little scared to enter swaps but i think i am gonna have to do it. put iton my dream planner. So glad the package arrived and brought some light to your day. That's just gorgeous about your grandma. and silent films... amazing.

  2. I love my apron. I can't believe the thought and effort that went into it. When I received it, it felt so weird: you'd had completely nailed me! Everything about it was what I love. From the texture of the cream fabric you used to the colours... and the functionality of it! Two in one! It gives me such a buzz. Thanks again!