Oct 28, 2008


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Today my blog is one.
And I so almost missed this important date. Here I was browsing through the old archives of random blogs and wondering just the exact date I started mine. A quick check and I realised it was exactly one whole year ago today.
Wow. Kinda freaky.
And just how did that whole year go by so quickly!?
(I think I'm getting a mini grasp on exactly how mum's feel when they say this about their children!)

Blogging to me has brought so many highlights that I never could have possibly dreamed up!
This year I..

- I have been inspired by the crafty and sewing projects of so many amazing craft blogs.

- I realised there are people out there as Morgan says 'just like you!' - those crafty little designing homebodies :)

- I got my sewing machine out more than ever before and re-discovered my love for sewing and giving handmade gifts.

- I have run to the letter box for something exciting more times than I can count.

- I have brought more things online this past year than all the past years put together.

- My material and craft stash has gone from 'modest' to 'well established' (and then some).

- I have driven my boy crazy with my 'blog talk'. Thanks for putting up with my ramblings love :)

- I realised how fun sewing vintage style aprons can be and I made a few.

- I have been involved in apron swaps and received two lovely little numbers to wear in the kitchen :)

- I have tried new recipes found through blogs.

- I have been blessed by the kindness of strangers when this cute apron from Beth arrived in my letter box for no other reason, other than my swap partner decided not to send me anything and Beth decided to fill in because she's sweet like that.

- I was blessed enough to have been involved in a bloggity baby shower! wow wow wow.

- I realised how much more amazing it is to give, than to recieve.

- I met some incredible women. Women who inspire me with their faith, with their outlook on life, with their devotion to their families, women who are in essence my role models, who have gone through seasons of life before me and who I know I can turn to for advice. Women who I have laughed with and prayed for and cried for and who I know would do the same for me. Women who are so strong and beautiful. You girls know who you are - one day I hope I have give each of you a hug :)

- I have had the privilege of being involved in some 'email conversations' and getting to know some of those lovely ladies spoken of above better... And how I cherish and love each email (and comment) that comes in.

- I have received some lovely e-cards that have brought tears to my eyes... Thank you!

- I have been able to share a blog with some amazingly talented women.

- My faith has been strengthened especially through the writing of this lady and this one and this one (and about a dozen others).

- My eyes (and debit card) have been opened to the world of Etsy. nuff said ;) oh and Amy Butler and Alexander Henry and and...

- I have been inspired by amazing photography found throughout blog world and finally took the plunge into getting myself a good camera.

- I actually photographed a wedding!

- I have enjoyed being tagged and tagging back.

- I entered my twenty's. And have been able to document a year in my life and have recorded many things that would of faded from my memory with the passing of time.

- I have signed in almost everyday to read up on the life of strangers for fear that I would miss something terribly exciting.

- I have realised I am not going to stop any time soon ;)

And now I would like to say thank you to you gorgeous girls out there with a giveaway :D cause I know how much you all love giveaways!
So I had this idea of organising this great giveaway for months now, but that year really did creep up on me and I kinda have no idea what I will be giving away. Sounds kinda crazy huh - a giveaway without anything to giveaway. But I have decided I kind of like the idea of finding out who the winner will be and then 'stalking' their blog (in the nicest possible way) and being able to send something slightly more personal that will hopefully be something the winner will adore.

Oh and speaking of 'stalking' if you have been over to my page and never said hi, please do leave a comment I'd love to meet you :D!

So to enter? Simply leave a comment in the comment section and tell me one of your 'blog highlights' or post about it and let me know when you do. The winner will be randomly drawn by Morgan (because I don't have a cute kid to draw the prize, just a cute boyfriend :) .. so stay tuned for that post, I have some ideas. The winner will be drawn Saturday 8 Nov.

Love Kt x


  1. I'm a new commentor:) I've read your blog occasionally, linking to it from the comments you leave on Leslie's blog... I only know her only through her inspiring blog and I read her's daily's... but each time a link to your's I've been encouraged by your zest for life... loved this post... you put into word some of the very things I too love about blogging... Happy One!

  2. Happy One year of blogging! How fun it has been and how special you have become to me and so many others! You have really and quickly made a special place in my heart and I am SO GLAD we are friends even from far away (hoping that wont be the case always) You are truly inspiring and encouraging and uplifting yourself and I am truly blessed to know you KT!
    HIGHLIGHT: hmmm this is a toughy lol It would have to be Leslie's baby shower. The time where we all drew close and prayed together and laughed together and just fell inlove with everyone, all for one lady and her dear sweet Cade. It was probably the best time I have had in years with friends. I have made so many lifelong friendships through this blogging land but for some reason that time will always hold close to my heart though I know every season is wonderful with you and all the girls
    love youd early friend

  3. Happy birthday to your sweet little blog! And how you came to that conclusion is all quite remarkable. A pure act of serendipity. I love it when that happens.

    Well I would have to say one of the highlights of this last year of blogging for me would have to be the delightful discovery of you, dear girl. What a sweet friendship we now share, thanks to that oh so marvelous shower for Leslie and Cade. And just to think how via blogging ( and the mail )we can share a friendship that sadly, at this point anyway would be humanly impossible to share in person, being how it is that we all live worlds apart from each other, but none of that stops us from being friends of the heart....I love it.

    And now I am on pins and needles for your to recieve your package from me. Maybe tommorow?

  4. Goodness gracious...Happy Bloggity Birthday! Isn't it crazy how much blogging can change your life? Here's to more craft inspiration, vintage aprons, and new friends in the coming year! Congrats, girl.

  5. just wanted to pop in really quick and say that your package is on its way!!! You should be recieving it shortly and I am still keeping my eye out for yours as well

    xoxo can't wait for you to get it!!

  6. Hi, I'm actually a Domestic Bliss reader and found your blog through there. My blog is all about scrapbooking, mostly digitally with a little bit of hybrid thrown in the mix. I also love trying new recipes and baking, I share a new recipe on my blog every Thursday (or at least I really try to). Great blog birthday post, it's definitely a fun milestone!

  7. happy one year :) i've been following domestic bliss for a while but this is the first time i've ventured onto your personal blog!

    the "highlight" of my blog has been starting it! i'm a newbie but having loads of fun :)

    thanks for the inspiration! :)

  8. KT! I am soooo very happy that you are "not going to stop anytime soon"! I so enjoy your blog writings and photos. It is a great joy to me to join your life in this little way.
    I showed my sister your blog, because I think you are lovely, andI knew she would completely agree with me. :)
    And to no surprise, she did.
    I am excited for you two to meet someday. I hope and pray that she will start her own blog soon so you guys can meet.
    Anyways. I loved reading that blogging has enriched your life. I agree. This blog world with all of these amazing and lovely people has been so much fun.
    Bless you!

  9. hmmm, I would say my highlight has been forming so many wonderful relationships amazing women like you!

    I love this post - your blog always makes me smile and gives me such inspiration!!!

  10. your creativity is awesome! And I know I am not that much older than you but still...at 20...my mind was no where near where yours is!

  11. KT. I can't even fully tell you about how my blogging highs (geeky huh) but I do have to say my shower blew me away and getting to see how much you guys blessed my family..... Im still in shock over it. Total total shock....

    HAPPY ONE sweet KT, and I can hardly wait to see my mini man in his kangaroo jumpsuit.. :)

  12. KT - you just inspire the socks off me. :) Quotes, photos, crafting. I'm glad that you decided to start blogging one year ago!! Isn't it amazin?

    I've had so many highlights since I started blogging. I think it's been about 8 months now. I could not even begin to pick just one... :) For sure the relationships, the inspiration I find on others blogs, the shower for Leslie, reading Angie Smith's blog (Bring the Rain) and then meeting her last week. So many!!

    Happy ONE YEAR KT's blog!! :)

  13. i so haven't popped by in much too long. seems as though bloggy world has taken a backseat to the task of catching up on life. but oh kt, how i was blessed when i read that my blog has encouraged you spiritually. KT...i SO struggled with whether or not i should share in the midst of bedrest and then came the miscarriage, and i have simply prayed and prayed that God would allow my words and story to encouraged others. in fact that is my prayer as i blog about the little day to day stuff. and oh yes, i just now saw that you tagged me...and i will get right on that! and i'm with jacy, definitely leslie's baby shower is the coolest thing i've been involved in blog-wise, the most inspiring, encouraging, definitely the highlight!

  14. KT- Wow! A whole year! Happy ... hmm... how to phrase it properly... well, Happy, Happy, Happy! Especially since that describes how I feel about you, our newfound friendship, and your sweet and very inspirational blog. Loves to you, dear friend, and Congratulations!

  15. We are a little over 2 hours from Champagne, IL... Your comment about where I live, made me wonder where you were and so I made it a point to look and was so suprised to see you are so far away!!

  16. Happy Belated Bloggity Birthday! One year goes by so quickly. It's been so much fin getting to know you the past few months and swaping things in the mail and all the good fun stuff we get to do on our blogs! :)
    I don't know if I could name just one highlight of blogging. Getting to hear a dear blogging friend's voice on the phone for the 1st time, sending and receiving the most amazing packages full of goodies, definitely Leslie's shower, and that certain little something when you visit a person's blog for the 1st or 2nd time and you think "Oh, I can so be friends with this person! We have so much in common" or some such thought. I love blogging and I've made some dear friends through it. Keep at it girl! You do a wonderful job and I look forward to many more years of reading your blog. Hugs!

  17. oopsies, I've been slack and intending to comment for a few days now but then didn't and.... hmm.. I'm a slack fellow blogger. A general blog highlight has been random people linking my crazy insect/marine animal cakes all over the nerdy blog sites - that's been hilarious! A highlight from reading your blog would definitely be your excitement and passion about absolutely everything. It's so refreshing!!

  18. Hey I was pleased to see you were able to stop by and check my new blog out and since im a new blogger I guess my highlight is getting all these new comments and figuring everyone out and the excitment of meeting new people! hooorayyy! By the way I am just stummped that you don't know what a reeses and butterfingure is...I don't know how to explain, only the best two candy bars made known to man-kind oh they do more than melt in your mouth they totally quench that sugar crave....wow,if you cant find them I will have to send you some!!! You let me know this should not go missed its very important you find this reeses...