Jul 2, 2008

70's inspired

While looking for inspiration for our 70's night at Youth I came across this amazing Ebay shop Mummastonevintage. if you love vintage items check them out these girls have a great eye for placing vintage pieces together. I love all these images and want pretty much all these outfits!

I actually have a vintage dress pattern that reminds me of this dress.. I feel inspired to get it out and start sewing!

I also came across this great vintage clothing inspired blog.
it's yummy stuff this!


  1. I'll take the yellow outfit please!

  2. hehe ok :)

    I can't decide which one I wanna wear!!!

  3. Oh love it all!!!!! That dress is so nice! ...just noticed Anne of Green Gables too - I LOVED those books!! :)

  4. Bec, i love that you love Anne of Green Gables - they are such a childhood favourite of mine. they've been on my wish list for years (along with the little house on the praire books which I got for my 18th birthday hehe)