Jan 5, 2013

down in the fairy garden

I didn't make many Christmas gifts this year - it was too crazy a season for that. But when I picked up these cute (and on sale) tutus from Cotton On Kids for my cousins little girls, I was bought back to one of my own childhood Christmas'. The year my crafty Aunt created these beautiful fairy costumes for each of the younger nieces - blue for Matilda, apricot for Sarah and baby pink for the baby at the time - me. I remember loving that fairy costume so much that I knew I just had to make some monogrammed fairy wands and crowns to send to Keara and Imogen too! It was such a cheap and easy project. I already had the wands (I got mine from the local art shop) and most of the trimmings on hand. Inspired by these beautiful crowns made by blogger Nie Nie I used some vintage book pages and song books I had on hand and went to town with all the trimmings. I loved the way they turned out!!!

Of course my little models are thousands of kilometeres away living the expat life in Dubai right now but I had Mr A help snap some pictures of me modelling the pretties so you can all see.  

oh and sorry for the photo dump ... MY Santa bought me a 50mm Nikkor lens for Christmas!! It has changed my world - love love it!


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely!! Yes, the 50mm is a world rocking lens. ;) Everyone should have one! I recently switched out my 50mm to a 35 mm, and love it even more. And Mr. M is quite the photographer with your new little toy. I love the tu-tus. Those little girls must be adoring them!

    So glad to see you blogging again. :)

    1. Thanks Wendi - it's good to be back! And I just figured out how to reply to comments too (blogger has changes a bit since I've been away!)
      We are adoring our 50mm and I would love to try a 35mm one day too. I think M would make a really good photographer - he just has the natural eye and can seem to pick it up with my limited teaching and a few tutorials - so annoying it took me ages :P