Jan 16, 2013

Paige's twenty first post #1

 Early in December my sister-in-law Paige celebrated her twenty first birthday and we had a ball planning, crafting and styling a dreamy backyard celebration for her with 30 of her closest friends and family. It was what I had always dreamed and wanted to do in our backyard - one long table filled to the brim with fresh flowers, flowing table cloths and lovely chairs displayed beneath a dreamy fairy light canopy.
What can I say, it was super girly and super lovely.
And I know the birthday girl felt very special too!

And Kellee Walsh, a super amazing Sydney based photographer who actually second shot our wedding came up and took some dreamy shots of the party too. It was so much fun to catch up with her again and hear all of her wedding plans (Kellee just got married in Fiji, how cool is that!) It's so amazing to see your work looking for professional and 'pinteresty' Oh and yes, I am for hire in case you were wondering ;)
there's LOTS of amazing pictures though, so I am going to have to break this down for you into a few posts :) Let's start with the invitations which set the theme of the party. We created these ourselves from Kraft paper envelopes and cardstock. The flowers are from the hydrangea rose paper from Christina Re (I just picked it up from Lincraft) and cut and glued to the kraftstock (we scanned and photoshopped the ones on the invites) and the font is called Bombshell Pro. It's my favourite. Paige LOVES reading and collecting old books, so we made sure we added these into the decorations. The vintage book pages around the invites were the silkiest pages and are actually in french - perfect for our french scholar!
 To help direct guests to the party, Morgan made me these awesome wooden signs from a wooden pallet that I grabbed off the side of the road (those things are awkward to put in your car people!) I painted flowers on them to match the invites, cause details make me swoon!
more to come tomorrow... stay tuned :)
more to come tomorrow... 
all photos by Kelle Walsh: http://www.kelleewalsh.com/


  1. That looks lovely KT. Are you still working for the event stylist or are you doing your own stuff now? I have actually be thinking about setting something like this up myself. Styling events is one of my favourite things and now since I had Imogen my previous events position is not really suitable. I think this would be the perfect way to stay in the events business.

    1. Hey Kat, thanks so much for the lovely comments. I'm so stoked you still come over here to read this little old spot even though I haven't posted in ever so long! thank you x!

      I actually quit my job at the Event decorating company in October last year - I just couldn't do the commute to and from Sydney anymore and a position as a visual merchandiser came up really close to home. It's a good job and allowing me time to set up my own small decorating business on the side :) well that's the plan...

  2. oh so lovely--style all my parties, pretty please? xo

    1. you're oh so lovely -- come live in australia, pretty please? xo