Jan 23, 2013

paige's twenty first post #5

Sorry guys, I'm still not done posting about Paige's Twenty First, but I hope you are enjoing these posts as much as I am posting them. This post is dedicated to the drinks and food :)
We did all the drinks and cocktails ourselves (well our very lovely 'city cousins' Aaron and Jesse
made and served all our drinks and cocktails). I seem to remember they made and served all the drinks for our engagement party too! You can find the cocktail recipe here (we have made it for various events and parties and it is yummy!) Here's what we served:
I love how this drink station turned out - and it was all free too! The drink dispensers were borrowed from my friend Kate (who purchased them for her wedding last Nov - photos to come soon!), the dresser is from Paige's bathroom, the place mats are our every day set and I found that cute chalkboard on the side of the road!!
For the food we hired Eden Catering and I can't say enough about Ailish and her lovely husband's service, presentation and general friendliness - they were such a pleasure to work with. Having catering was such a blessing as it left us with more time to you know decorate, took the stress away from my mother-in-law and it made the party feel that much more special. Oh AND they even did the washing up to even though we didn't use their plates! Yeah they are kinda awesome!
all photos by Kelle Walsh: http://www.kelleewalsh.com/

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