Jan 15, 2013

Hazel turns one.

Since I have been quiet on this blog for so long, I feel like there so much I need to catch you all up on ... Including the introduction of my parent-in-laws sweetest puppy (whom we often steal and dote upon greatly) Miss Hazel Nut Ayling, who happened to celebrate her very first birthday today! My she has grown from that super cute and teeny ball of fluff that came to live with us last March!

Oh and you guys, for her first birthday I turned into one of those people... you know those obnoxious dog dressing-up and ridiculous pet snapshot people. But I think she looks pretty darn cute in her party hat!
We love you crazy Hazey. You definitely live up to your middle name, but you are the sweetest nut around!!



  1. Aww how cute are those pics! I don't think my parents dog would sit still long enough for all those pics. Happy Birthday Hazel.

    1. she's pretty good mostly but sometimes I have to shoot in full auto as I'm too slow at changing my camera setting to capture her running about :)