Jan 20, 2013

Paige's twenty first post #2

The table details.
(warning - this is one picture heavy post!)

We wanted Paige's party to be a sophisticated cocktail affair so we set one long table down the centre of our backyard which set a nice and intimate scene for 30 people. The table was decorated with old books (seriously all owned by Paige herself!!!) in maroon, orange, green  and brown colours. We added a few mason jars filled with flowers as well as silver candlesticks and small silver vases with buds and blooms (all sourced from op shops). We did the flowers ourselves (which we had a ball choosing earlier that morning at the Sydney flower markets!) and which Aunty Mandy and my friend Katty helped me put together. Each place setting had a vintage dinner and bread/butter plates and a hemstitched linen napkin. I also borrowed my grandparents wedding silverware for the occasion - thanks gma + gpa which we mixed in with Morgan's Nana's mismatched cutlery!
For place cards Paige and my mother-in-law Janine made paper flowers our of old book pages which we attached each persons name to and set on their bread plate.  Oh and to make her feel extra special, we hung pretty lace and ribbons from the birthday girls chair - in our burgandy/pink colour theme of course!
the combination of the fairy lights, tea lights (which we hung in jars from trees and placed all around the garden) and dinner candles made the backyard so magical, especially as it got darker.
after dinner and before dessert, my father-in-law bought out some table games including a how well do you know Paige questionnaire. It was a fantastic game for this size and set up as it got everyone laughing and talking to one another as they tried to guess the answers (doting sister in law got a whooping 4 correct - wooops!!!). This was followed by some lovely speeches by my in-laws and the birthday girl. It was such a fantastic night!
more to come tomorrow... 
all photos by Kelle Walsh: http://www.kelleewalsh.com/

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