Jan 7, 2013

year two

We finally got around to taking our yearly anniversary photos this afternoon - hooray for us, even if we are 2 months late! Each year on (or around) our anniversary we do a little photo shoot which I print out and put in our anniversary album with hand written notes and memories from that year.  I can't wait to see this album evolve and see how we change and grow together through the years - adding baby bumps and a long line of little ones behind us too ;)

and some outtakes because if you know us, you know that we are mostly silly ...

and because I never did post them last year, but want to record them here in this spot - here is a little snapshot of last years anniversary pictures. Year One...


  1. What a fun idea! And a great memory to look back on in years to come.

  2. Oh KT what a great idea!! I wish we'd thought of this before we had three anniversaries behind us! We always take photos of our anniversary celebrations...I may modify your idea and make an anniversary book, too. :-)

    1. oooh Nikki you so should! I already adore looking back on just two years worth and seeing the small changes in us. Is it just me or is little M growing up :P lol