Jan 21, 2013

paige's twenty first post #3

Tea Station.
Oh how much fun it was to put together this magical tea buffet. I think it was one of my favourite details of the party. Although we did buy a few tea cups, saucers and tea pots at our local op shops, the majority of items we had on hand and/or we're borrowed from dear friends. We served both loose leaf tea in silver teapots and also had available tea bags in glass lolly jars and real sugar cubes too, of course! And the trestle table... it was built specially for me by my dad. Isn't he amazing?! The trestles we actually used at our wedding for our lolly station (although with a different top) but dad restained them darker for the party (they originally had paint splatters all over them) and made the new weathered top. I am in LOVE with it! It's also the perfect size for a dining table for six. I can't wait to throw a little dinner party in the backyard with dear friends and gather around it :)

 At night we bought over some of the lanterns and candles and the tree above was filled with tealights suspended in little jam jars - it was beyond magical (I keep saying that don't I!!)!
more to come tomorrow... 
all photos by Kelle Walsh: http://www.kelleewalsh.com/

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  1. Now that is my type of buffet! I love a good cup of tea. You have done such an awesome job with this party. All the details are just gorgeous.