Feb 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

my nanna, her mother, father and little brother
circa late 1920's.

The warm weather is back. After that crazy week of non stop rain where we were back in tracksuits now it's back to air conditioners full force!! Plus we haven't even got any of those forecasted thunderstorms these past few days (I love when the weather guys are wrong like that!!)

This Friday for me marks my last 'offical' free weekday before college starts on Monday - eek! M and I are planning on going down on the train tomorrow for a date - to see how far the walk is from the train station and so I can get my bearings. Maybe even have lunch at Pancakes at the Rocks? - YUM!! Getting a little excited and kinda nervous now. I'm not really good with meeting new people and being out of my comfort zone - your prayers would be awesome!

Today I feel accomplished and have had one of those 'domestic bliss' days!
Friday included:
a little sleep in.
getting to wear new clothes, yeah for $10 top and $11 shoes!!
(also admiring my new $6 ballet flats - $6!!!!) they are awesome & have little black flowers on them :)
taking lunch to my boy at the office and eating together.
baking a chocolate caramel slice and having all the ingredients actually in the cupboard!
while wearing my Amy Butler apron.
listening to some fun music while sewing.
and dancing around silly like.
constantly crossing things off my to do list.
peach iced tea.
an email that was so sweet it made me cry - yeah thats right girl, I said cry - love u!
waiting for lover boy to come home and stay the night.
maybe even an afternoon stroll along the beach (although unlike my great grandfather we may actually leave the gun at home!! and check out those swimming costumes!).

Hope your Friday is just as lovely!


1 comment:

  1. Chelle makes us all cry one time or another.. hahah..

    sounds delightfull beyond, actually, the kind of day that is perfect right before a big change in life and pace....

    btw.. love to see those pics!