Feb 8, 2009


" For ever ending,
there's a new beginning -
for every memory,
there's a dream ahead."

Quote from the card the girls gave me at work on Friday. I don't think any other quote could of suited half as well. Well this is it, for the past 2 days I have been officially 'jobless'. Work gave me a beautiful send off on Friday - lunch in the board room where one of the partners cooked up some very scrummy (and cooked to perfection) steaks, yummy salads and cheese platters (my fav!). I also got given flowers, a pair of gorgeous dangling earrings!! a card with well wishes in it, many hugs, even the petrol coupon that came with the drinks (hehe) & a little speech of thanks. We also had a round of trivia after lunch which got everyone giggling. My team lost (we had the three youngest office members, so that's our excuse!) but that was ok we still got to share in the lady bug chocolates that were our 'loosing prize'.
A chapter of my life has closed, but those remaining pages? They are eagerly waiting. There is still so much yet to be written.
& I can't wait to begin.


  1. I'm so excited for your new adventure! Congratulations on entering this new phase in your life and I hope you enjoy every second of it. :-)Loves, Dawna

  2. I am so happy and excited for you Katie. Don't be sad that work is over. You have so many exciting things to look forward too. I can't wait to see what all you do and where you go! Hugs and more hugs!