Feb 12, 2009

Random 25

me @ my friends 'fairy party' yeah it was a 17th lol!

This questionnaire has been going round Facebook and I have been tagged by quite a few of you. Thing is me and Facebook we have this love hate relationship. I actually prefer Myspace You can make your page look pretty for one thing. But some of my friends/cousins don't have/no longer use myspace etc etc. So... instead of put this up on my facebook and actually admiting to myself that I use it :P I though it would be fun to post up on my blog...
anyway here is 25 Random Facts about me...

1. my nickname is Kt Bear. family, close family friends and M's family call me that. Although M's mum also likes to use the term 'crazy' hehe

2. my middle name is Louise.

3.My initials 'KLM' come one after the other in the alphabet. They are also an airline company (or was?!)

your currently singing your abc's, right?

4. I'm a perfectionist & an over achiever. I'm trying to learn how to make things more simple, trying not to get too carried away and that it's ok if everything is not 'perfect'.

5. I wear contacts. or glasses. all the time. And have done since year 6. I often wish it wasn't so.

6. Both my parents don't go by their real names. My mum (Anne-Louise) goes by Annie and my dad (Douglas) goes by Mark. His parents decided they liked this better after he was born,but this was after they'd already had Douglas put on his birth certificate.

7. I year 8, I beat all the boys in my woodwork class with my marks. My dadda was pretty pleased :) Once again... overachieving.. I remember I turned a stupid 'does nothing' dice we had to make into a pretty candle holder :)

8. I'm pretty shy when I meet new people and feel out of my comfort zone. But rather loud when with those I know well.

9. Surprisingly (referring to number 9 above) In year 6 I was the school Captain and did all the speeches and ran some assemblies etc. I loved it.

10. I'll often jokingly tease my mum cause she is so neat, seriously that women is amazing - her spice rack is in alphabetical order for one thing!! I may tease now, but I know when I get a house of my own I'm probably going to be just the same. (Yeah I'm pretty neat & like things in order. eg. All my coast hangers are the same wooden ones. cause they look classy and IO like that everything hangs at the same height and looks orderly. Oh my it's happening already!!)

11. I love savory things more than sweets & cakes. Especially cheese and bikkies and dips. & 'Aunty Mandy's Spinach Thingie' mmm. M is the sweet tooth around here.

12.I'm very close to my little brother and have always been. I would do anything for him and love to spoil him and go on 'sibling dates'. I think it has to do with our 5 year age gap and the fact we have never competed with each other. Plus he's a sweetie and still gives me big hugs and hangs out with me even though he is now almost 16! eeek where did those years go!

13. That said the first time I saw my brother in the hospital I was scared of him and wouldn't hold him when I was offered and I think my first words may have been "yuck" (not sure if I actually voiced that, but that was what I was thinking) he was still a bit bloody and covered in that white stuff - my 5 year old mind didn't think that was the way things happened. Besides I had been praying for a little sister ;)

14. I love love heights and things like abseiling, rock climbing, high ropes and roller coasters. M is the one who is scared of those things and I'm the one who kills the spiders with my bare hands lol!

15. I drive a manual car.

16. I have had my license for 3 years but have already owned four cars... but I haven't smashed anyone of them I promise! I just recently got my full license yay no more P plates for me!!

17. I sing in the shower, mostly always.

18. I have quite a few unfinished projects in my studio. crocheted quilt... going on 6 years I am talking to you! That said I am getting better at actually finishing things!

19. I Heart The Weepies.

20. I love the beach and the coast lifestyle. the cafes. being out on the water. playing on the sand. I don't think I could ever move away from it and not feel like something big was missing.

21. I love to drink tea. Morgan hates it - this I just can't understand!!

22. I much prefer the summertime over the winter. Although I do enjoy when my birthday comes around - my 21st is coming up in June this year and I have already started to plan a fun 'brunch' party.

23. I am going to marry this boy:

just watch me!

24. I hoard Home Beautiful Magazines. And have been since 2006 and now I've found Real Living magazine. mmm massive magazine crush! You can also check out their blog here and here.

25. Besides Sewing and Craft reading would have to be my next favourite pastime. I love old classics and am currently reading 'Anne's house of Dreams' from the Anne of Green Gables series M got me for Christmas. I also love Little house on the prairie books, what Kt did series, and Christian novel writers such as Francine Rivers (you need to read redeeming love), Beverley Lewish (particulary her Abram's daughters series) and Lori Wick.


  1. I loved learning a little bit more about you. Someday I may post my 25 things to the blog. Right now, they are just on FB.

    And, I have know idea what bikkies are... can you enlighten me??

  2. Aww...So So sweet! You're right. You will turn into your mom, before you know it! But since she raised such a sweet {you} it is definitely a good thing!

  3. btw my love, youve owned 5 cars!!

  4. HI!!!!!
    I've gone and invested in my own blog. haha
    nice 25 random facts and i'm glad you haven't given in and started using face book, i'm proud!!!
    see you Sunday.

  5. Lovely! LOVELY girl with the loveliest thoughts.
    Oh how I have missed coming to visist your blog! It was very difficult to see your blog on my phone...... I am not very good with my phone yet, so it could just be me.
    I wish that my 25 things could be as adorable as yours. :)
    You know what???????
    DRUM ROLL PLEASE!.................
    I got a beautiful large package last night! I planned on coming over to say thank you right away last night, but you should have seen the MOUND of dishes I had! sheesh..... took me over an hour to complete and by then I was exhausted. lol
    Oh how I love it! The bag is beautiful! I hope you have a store..I would so buy things from you! Amazing quality! Just lovely. Thank you. I adore the fabric! Watch here for pictures soon! For I think I have something up my sleeve. :)
    Adore the buttons.....ribbons....everything!
    Thank you thank you thank you KATIE! You have certainly made my day (months that is!)
    Loves to you sweetie!

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  7. P.S. That picture of you is flippin cute! Now planning a fairy party for Faith! lol

  8. love this list!! Its very fun, fairy party and all.