Feb 3, 2009


Apparently today was our three year 'official' anniversary. From the day morgan asked me to 'go steady with him', or something to that effect. I had forgotten. But my love didn't. He came to my work to surprise me sporting a beautiful bunch of flowers in hand. I had to ask him what they were for. woops! He was going to see me that night anyway but thought it more fun on my end to send flowers to the office as it is my last week there and he wanted to do something nice to celebrate an official end of an era. Have I mentioned just how much I adore this boy. it's a lot!
oh and the little ceramic birds were part of my Christmas present from M. Aren't they super sweet? I've been told the bigger love bird whom is protecting the little one is M. aaw! They sit on my shelf doing what love birds do best - snuggleing! Out of all my christmas presents I'd have to say these 2 were my favourite.

stay tuned tomorrow (hopefully) I have craft I have been meaning to share for awhile...


  1. How blessed you are!! He sounds so thoughtful KT. :)

  2. How sweet!! And for the boy to remember and not the girl...that is unlikely :P You have a keeper, girl!!