Feb 6, 2009

Some like it Hot!

grandma. grandpa. auntie susie.
early 1950's.
Apparently we're in for a super hot weekend. High 30's all weekend long. You'll be sure that M and I will be floating in the pool with a good book (Anne of Green Gables anyone?) or mucking around at the beach. I can't wait. Although I'm sure we won't be able to do it with as much style as my grandparents! We'll also be dropping in to the mechanics so M can get some modifications done to his car - a bigger exhaust. Not my idea of a great way to spend money, but then I just think of my huge fabric stash and I feel too guilty to say anything. We all need a little 'fun money' right :)

ps. last day of work today eeeeek! :D

pps. Have a great weekend all!


  1. That picture!! Way cute! :)

    Have an awesome weekend. Sounds wonderful!

    I love how you each have hobbies that you allow each other to pursue.

  2. OH, I'm so jeleous of your nice warm weekend splashing around, wether it be the waves or the pool, I hope you have a grand time!!! Love the picture of your grandparents!! They are so styling :) I know you are so excited about the new journey you are about to partake on!! Celebrating for you on your last day of work, my friend!!!@


  3. Congratulations on the last day of work!!! So happy for you!
    Enjoy that nice HOT weather for us!

    Hugs to you dear girl!