Feb 4, 2009

a long but rather crafty post.

& I did. I've been meaning to share these for awhile & now they have been received I can. These were the packages I sent off to Chelle, Fairlight & Jacy for the Domestic Bliss scrappy swap. I had an absolute ball with this swap, I was just so inspired. I may have got a little carried away but there's something so fun and satisfying about using up tiny little fabric scraps to make something new & plus I had so many scraps left over at the end too so I just kept creating! So be prepared for a fairly lengthy post...
included in the swap:

pin cushions. from Heather Bailey's square deal pincushion pattern (down loadable here) Such a quick and fun little project, highly recommended. These nearly didn't make it to the post office on account of I wanted to keep them myself, but then again what would I do with three almost identical pincushions?

yes, yes they are. The very best.
Button magnets.
I used the self cover buttons from Spotlight (beware this is highly addictive!) cut the button 'eyes' off the back and used silicone (also addictive) to glue the magnets ($2 at spotlight for a pack of 4) onto the back.
hehe I also just realized my brother has written "lollies, chips & chocolate" on our shopping list & mum has substituted lollies for maple syrup *grin*
ooh and that label to the left was one of the items I received from Chelle in my package :D

Fabric Coasters. inspiration & sizing from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing Book:




Gift Tags. Also just as addictive as covering buttons with fabric. I particularly like the squirrel ones :)

Bible Verse Teabags. A feed of scripture while enjoying a calming cup of tea & some time out (hopefully). The 'lemon twist' and 'peach raspberry' flavors made these packages smell so yummy!
Babushka doll iron ons. I used visafix for this project & left the paper connected to the other side of babushkas for the girls to iron onto their own projects. Apparently I have fed little Olivia's matroshkas obsession & she has already commandeered one for herself. I think Fairlight said for a pillow? I think little mini matroshkas like these would look very cute around the edge of a young girl's outfit too, but so time consuming though.. maybe one day.

Notebook Journals.
one for Jacy:
& inside cover.

one for Fairlight:
(the inside of Fairlight's journal is the first picture)

& one for Chelle:
Knowing how Chelle loves to collect quotes I turned hers into a quote book (as I know probably all your other ones are almost full dear ;) I added a first quote in for her, it's the sweetest:

wow, I wasn't joking when I said this post would be long *grin* hope it was fun enough that you were able to stay with me :)
kt x


  1. oh my goodness, I can't believe how cute EVERYTHING was! I love it all, and feel very shamed in what I sent to my partners. Did you come up with the Babushka dolls all yourself, or did you use a pattern?

  2. You truly are inspiring! AMAZING creativity. Just beautiful KT!

  3. I loved all your little crafts!! It was like Christmas for me, while opening them!! You are so talented KT!!

  4. Wow, wow, WOW! KT, everything is so unbelievably DARLING! I love all of your little projects so much. Thanks for the healthy helping of inspiration this morning!:)

  5. wow KT, this is all amazing. seriously. Im personally in love witht the simplicity of the magnets and the tea bags...

    now lets talk about the babuska dolls... Rylans nickname in Nicks side of the family is babushka as was mine when I was little.. His family is Russian so it makes sense.. I must make one of these for her.. too sweet... so spill it, how did you make them?

    These are some very deserving spoiled little ladies... awesome!

  6. I think the coasters are my favourite. They are absolutely gorgeous, so beautifully made. Those projects are delicious!!

  7. I have to say that I adored every. single. thing. in the box! It was all so amazing to pull each cute thing out after another. SO so so cute. Love it all! And please do a tutorial of the dolls. We love them and are hoarding them for some very special project. :) It was so lovely of you to take so much time to make us the most amazing scrappy gifts ever.

    PS. I was saving the candy and lolly's because they were so pretty and then Mike and Olivia up and ate them! lol stinkers!