Feb 13, 2009

Little Stitches

Inspired by my new book I accidentally stumbled across in a bookstore in Newcastle on Wednesday while visiting an old friend. It kept finding it's way off the shelf and into my arms so I just had to buy it. Totally not in the new 'student budget' but very worthwhile. There's maybe up to 30 patterns inside *grin* which are all in a cute little envelope inside the front cover. I'm just stoked I got it for a cheaper price than on amazon plus postage (seeing the Aus dollar is so poor at the moment only worth 60 something cents US !!)
I can't wait to get crafting :)

want a sneak inside?
How gorgeous is this bedding set?

I also want to try these booties:

and this playtime quilt :)

And speaking of inspring things how cute are these little fabric fortune cookies (found via decor8). They reminded me of these paper ones I blogged about here & how I had planned on making them one day...
I was actually going to try and make the fabric ones as valentines this year but time simply ran away from me today!

Speaking of Valentines Day tomorrow. Insert reason # 999 why I may be possibly one of the best girlfriends ever.
I'm going on a Subaru Liberty car forum cruise with 17 other 'Subaru enthusiasts' tomorrow. Valentines day is all about filling his love tank right? We're driving up to Newcastle in a big group and taking plenty of photos of the cars by the ocean. Think plenty of exhausts and modified cars. I'm actually a little excited to tell the truth and love the idea of just being with M and chatting it up during the drive and looking at the old town houses by the sea. Plus I just brought the new Real Living magazine to pour through during the day. yumm! Did I mention he's currently tinkering with his car right now?

ooh and I must mention that sweet Jess is having a birthday giveaway over on her blog. To celebrate her own birthday, so sweet! You should pop on over. You'll love it there. Jess is a crafty genious and has the best eye candy on her blog, plus this gorgeous little drool-worthy apartment *swoon*.

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  1. Sweet sweet patterns and ideas!
    And I ♥ your valentines plans!! You are indeed a very awesome girlfriend!! :) Looking forward to pictures!! :)