Feb 15, 2009

Some brightness on a cold & rainy day...

button detail.
Remember the 'I don't know what I'm giving away' giveaway that I hosted here awhile back? Yeah we won't mention how far back.. only that it finally did get sent and received by the lovely Aminta. Thanks for hanging in there girl, glad to hear you loved your little package! now I can post pictures :)
I had no idea what to make until I found this Wasp Bag tutorial by Ali Machen & I feel in love with the design.
(Pattern is down loadable from here)

Overall this tutorial was good. Although I did find the instructions a little hard to understand. But that might have been my tired mind (I started it late-ish one night) and the fact I just wanted to get straight into it without reading the instructions too much -I know, not a good combination to start sewing! This also resulted in the different style pocket and the no key strap - my brain just wasn't catching on to those. I also joined the top sides of the bag instead of leaving them open & pretty much winged the instructions placing it together as I went, without glancing at the instructions much - I'm actually very impressed that it turned out so well!!
The material is just a fun print I picked up from Spotlight on special one day, I just fell in love with it and knew that at the crazy price of around $3.00 a metre I had to stock up on a few metres for my stash!
Love those pleats!
The bag was also bigger than I though it would be. But somehow I love the size and the print perfect for a fun springtime bag and the warmer weather, which is sure to come to the US soon. (The warm weather seems to have left us already and we have had a week of non stop rain around here with another one forecasted! yucko!)

Anyway... back to fun craftyness...
I also threw in some buttons and had fun making up these funky button cards from scrapbooking cutoffs & once again covering my own buttons - so much fun!
& I also sent this fabric fabric that I found which reminded me of a cross between Amy Butler and Anna Marie Horner (whom sneaky Chelle was able to fill me in is one of Aminta's fav fabric designers.) You can check out her blog here. I had to add it to my blog roll, it is the best eye candy.

Ok, now I'm off to bed to pour over Real Living and possibly get some shut eye...


  1. The bag is BEAUTIFUL!! :) I really love seeing what you create. Really!

  2. You are sew talented. I must confess a huge amount of jealousy over that fact, but I love seeing what you make. Thank you for sharing them with us less than talented folk!

  3. this is GORGEOUS! i'm with wendi...love seeing your creations...and your inspirations!

  4. Love it! LOVELY bag.....I have used it numerous times, just have to keep it above tiny (dirty) hands! lol
    Iam unsure of the dress-up-mommy part of the party. I think I may have to have that part pass. But I think we will wait untill she is "too old" to have a fairy party. lol It will make it more fun and funny.
    I am sorry about the not moving part.... But I think it would be nice to stay in one spot for years. I don't think that I have been in the same house for more then two and a half-three years since I was seven, which was FOREVER AGO (twenty three years ago! YIKES!)!

  5. You are so talented!! Grogeous makings there I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bag...I bet Aminta is jut drooling over it right now :P And those fabric covered buttons are so adorable...I treasure the ones you sent me...

    Love you friend!!

  6. What a super cute bag!! I am drooling. Also, I've been curious about Amy Butler's Little Stitches book, so I appreciate the sneak peak and rave review. :) Thanks also for the blog shout out. Have a great day!

  7. it looks lovely - so bright and cheerful. I'm sorry that you found the instructions hard to follow - if it is any comfort, many other people have said the same thing and I am going to revise them soon.

    Alison (creator of the wasp bag pattern http://machenmachen.wordpress.com)