Mar 29, 2009

4 stu

Dear sweet baby brother,

Baby you are definitely no longer. Today marked the 16th year of your life and the gap from 15 to 16 already seems so large. For one thing this week you are going for your learner's driving license. Which means you will be driving, on the road - oh boy! But I am sure you will do great and I am so excited to get to teach you how to drive and hang out the two of us just driving around. Just please don't wear my clutch out too much ;)

Being 5 years older than you I can still remember slightly the excitement of your arrival (the way I was desperately praying for a baby sister) , the day you were born and even the restaurant we went to the night you came home from the hospital. I have such fun memories of our childhood together and yeah I did love the way you followed me around and knew I was the one in charge ;). And I am sorry for the time I made you eat dog food! You are still just as much of a snuggle bug as you are in this picture (hope you don't mind me putting that all over the internet). And I love that you don't think your too old or too cool to come and give me a hug or even the way you jumped in bed with me this morning cause you were so excited it was your day - please don't ever change and lets be close like that forever.

You are a great guy Stu and God has such big plans for your life. Proverbs 3:5-6 says "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways ackowledge him and he will direct your path." and that is my prayer for you in everything you do that you seek God and praise him in all circumstances & he will lead you into a life more amazing than you could of ever dreamed possible.

Love you Maaang!

ps. I know you read this blog so hoping this little post brings a smile to your face.


  1. What a sweet picture, KT! Happy birthday to him, I hope it's a wonderful day with many more like it!
    loves to you and hope your days are bringing you lots of fun and smiles friend!

  2. My goodness at the birthdays you've gotten to celebrate the past week! I'll bet you love March!

  3. oh how I hope and pray, hope and pray, that Rylan and Cade will be this close someday...

    it would melt any momma's heart, bigtime!

  4. MADE HIM EAT DOG FOOD??? :) Crazy girl.
    Sounds like something my boys would do though... :)